I’m turning into ..

Michael Winner.  You think I am joking, but I’m not. All I seem to do all day long is say, ‘Calm down dear’.

Honestly, I am sounding like a broken bloody record.  And you may ask yourselves why?

Well I will tell you.

One Golden Retriever named Dumpling.

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago when she was spayed and how the vet told us we had to keep her calm!!… Calm, that dog doesn’t know the meaning of being calm.

Well how I managed it for those 10 days is nothing short of a miracle.  The only way I could calm her down completely was knocked her over the head with a mallet. (Only joking).

Operation or no operation, there was nothing stopping from climbing on the back of the chair and she even manages to sit on the windowsill.

Oh what a palava that is to get her down.  Hold her with one hand, smacked up against the window… move chair with wonky knee and then pick her up and put her back down on the ground.

You see the trouble she has is this, her rear is wider than the sill itself, so she can’t move once up there.

Well her poor brother tries to do the same but no-way is she having it.. as soon as he stands in the chair she either has him by the tail, his rear leg pulling him off or if he is not lucky by his manhood.  Obviously that leads to one massive bundle with tails wagging and adults taking shelter.

Well I don’t know what that vet did to her, but since she has recovered, she is more venturesome, and scared of nothing.. it doesn’t matter how hight it is she will climb it.   Even if it means standing on her brother.

Now big brother is a good 3 inches taller than her, and he doesn’t stand a chance. 😀

Anyway, I do hope she calms down soon.. I am knackered… oh off I go again, shouting ‘Calm down dear.’ 


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