Cooker Alarm…

Well at 4.43 am this morning, I thought I was dreaming about my cooker.  In fact in a cloud of unconsciousness I thought I was dreaming that the timer on the cooker was buzzing and nobody knew how to turn it off.

Now who dreams about a cooker?  Nobody in their right mind does… but as I started to awake from this night-time coma, and my bodily functions started to stir, I was not dreaming my cooker timer was going off…. IT WAS GOING OFF.

As you can see by the picture, by the way that is not my cooker – it is just an image of found on the internet of the make and model of my cooker- to stop the timer you have to push stop button which is on the left hand side.  If you push both buttons you can alter the time.

As I came down the stairs bleary eyed and still wishing I was in the land of nod, what a shock I had when I managed to get past two retriever pups who were bounding as if they hadn’t seen me for a fortnight.. well actually it was four and a half hours to be precise.  There was no buttons to push to turn the bloody timer off and the clock was reading 00.00.

As this high pitched bleeping was still emanating from that cooker – and people who know me know how much I hate using that thing and how I hate cooking – I was aghast to find there was no buttons to press to stop this noise. I had to quickly scour the floor.. but no luck there was no sight of them..

Now in the ten and a half years I have had that cooker, never  have I – and my god I have tried – been able to get those buttons off so that I can clean the cooker properly.  I have tried and tried and always resorted to using a toothbrush to clean around those buttons, yet two 6 month old pups can remove them with perfect ease it seems…

You can imagine it, there I was, stiff with arthritis, trying to kneel on the floor with two pups jumping on me, who must have been thinking good game, good game and getting more excitable with every passing second. Well I can tell you one thing, it is definitely not my ideal way of starting off the day.  Anyway I thought, check their bed, cos these two little sweeties, do have habit of hiding things.  And lo and behold there was one button, still intact, and the plastic stem of the other button.. where the actual round button bit is I don’t know. They must have eaten it because I can’t find it at all.

So the next fight was to get up off of the floor and switch this bloody timer off.. yep I managed to get the one complete button and one stem back in the respective holes so I could shut this bloody cooker up.  And do you know what, now I can’t get them back out.. so please tell me how these dogs did it?

Oh well, now I have ordered a new button to replace the stem left on one of the buttons.   God these dogs do love white goods, if they are not trying to help load and unload the dishwasher, they have now resorted to wrecking the cooker.  Last week it was the filter door from the washing machine that was a half eaten mess.

Mind you Electrolux are thanking them, cos so far every week I have had to order a spare part or two. So when my new buttons arrive, just like the filter door on the washing machine, they will be sellotaped so they can’t pull them off again.

And to add insult to injury, these two home-wreckers are now sound asleep and snoring their heads off… that is exactly what I should be doing… sleeping at this unearthly hour.


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