Ready, steady…. go

Well today was the day, yes Stewie and Dumpling are 6 months old and one of the things I do love about having dogs, is letting them have a good run around without you have to wear yourself out.

Unfortunately, due to Bo’s breed (god rest his soul), you were very hesitant about letting him go because if he saw anything he wouldn’t come back to you, no matter how long and hard you tried to get his attention.

But now being the owners of  two Golden Retrievers we both know they are going to need a hell of a lot of exercise and the best way to exercise a dog is for you to stroll and throw a stick or ball and letting them run around like crazy.

Less tiring on you and it wears them out completely… well for a few minutes. Then they will replenish their energy and look for something else to do…

Hubby hates this part of training.. he always has a fear that they are going to run off and never come back. Me, well I know for a fact that if they run off, just keep calling their names and they will come to you, oh and to have plenty of goodies in your pocket as a reward for them returning.  Stewie and Dumpling are very good for coming to their names, when called.  So I was less apprehensive about this morning’s trip.

So up at the crack of dawn for both of us.  Whilst I was coming out of my night-time coma with numerous cups of coffee, hubby was out moving the internet cable, up higher.. Oh yes they had that off the wall yesterday.. Thank god they didn’t manage to bite through it.  Out of reach now.. so internet is fine.

Cable done and with wife now out of coma, hubby loads two retrievers into car along with me and off we go.  I thought at one point he was going to say, they weren’t old enough to be let loose, but anyway off to Shorne Country Park we went and we leash walked them into the area where dogs can run free.   With Schmackos and Markies in hand, a quick drop of the leads.. that was it they were off.  Hubby went as white as a ghost and I thought he was going to faint but with a call of “Stewie, Dumpling” and a Schmacko being waved in the air back they run… you can see who was first in the queue for the Schmacko from the photo above … yes my little girl.

With a Schmacko and a praise off they went again the other direction.. the only niggling fear I was a little anxious about was that one would run one way and one the other.. but no.. they both went off chasing each other.  And like good boys and girls they returned to their names and were promptly rewarded.

And the most important thing of all is, they loved it too.  They loved being able to run and run and as you can see from the photo on the right, they were slowing down in the end… Gradually hubby was getting less fretful that they wouldn’t return.  And you could see they were tiring with every run back for a treat..

Well mission accomplished, we went out with two Golden Retrievers and we returned with two Golden Retrievers, let us hope the weather is OK next week and they will be set free again.

And now dogs are flaked out on the floor knocking out the zzz’s whilst the other half is relaxed in his recliner, watching the bike racing through closed eyelids.


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