A loaf of controversy..

I was reading an article in the Daily Mail… I know tabloids, but honestly I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Kingsmeal are now advertising on TV for their fruit and fibre range.. bread and bagels with fruit and fibre in them that are designed to give us a healthy lifestyle.

Well, apart from the over sensationalised headlines, of “Fury at Kingsmill…”, I really don’t think 19 complaints is a fury just a handful of people who probably don’t have anything else to do other than complain, it seems to me as if some people are really making a mountain out of a molehill.

Honestly, I have watched the video and believe me, I don’t see anything sexual about it at all.  What I see is a teenager being a teenager who is rebelling against what her parents say…

In fact, to be perfectly honest, it brought back memories of when I was at school in the 1970’s.  Our parents would buy our uniform skirts so that they practically dangled at our ankles and we wanted fashion and fashion like what Mary Quant was showing us, mini skirts and showing off our legs.  And every morning as soon as we were out of sight from our homes we would roll our skirts up at the waistband until the pleats looked an absolute disaster and our midriffs, looked like the michelin man due to our waistlines disappearing beneath a mass of rolled up material.

I really do think these two comments from the Mail hit the nail on the head…

Maybe I am being naive but I feel the same as those people who made those comments, I just saw a schoolgirl, being a schoolgirl… and no sexual suggestions of the advert entered my head… all that advert did for me was bring back memories of my school days.  Good looking back we must have liked a right sight.  But we thought we were the bee’s knees… of course as we got nearer to home, we unrolled our skirts and walked back into our homes looking respectable.

Of course our parents wouldn’t know what we were doing, would they?…. You bet they did because my mum told me when I was an adult, she noticed the creasing when she washed our uniforms…And there was me thinking I would never get sussed out.  You can’t put anything over your parents, can you? Vivid memories also return to me as I can remember many a time my dad, saying, “If you think you are going out of this house dressed like that, you can think again.”

Well this is one person who won’t be complaining… and as Kav1962 on the Daily Mail comments said, those people who think this advert has any sexual suggestion really do need to look into their own heads…. because from where I am sitting it is frightening that some people can’t see what normal people don’t see… a teenager being a teenager.


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