I see this morning, on Twitter there is a debate about the man who has been arrested for posting a picture of a burning poppy. Whether it was him in the photograph or another person, I don’t know but one thing is for sure, is this. No matter how despicable it was and believe me it was, arresting this man was and is a gross overreaction.

Does he deserve to be charged with any offences and does it warrant taxpayers money in taking this to court.. in my opinion no.

You see how I see it is like this… In two world wars, men laid down their lives and volunteered to fight because they was fighting for a reason.. not to be dictated to..  they were fighting for our freedoms. Our freedom of speech and our freedom that we should not be told what to say, what to do and what to think.  They were fighting for our democracy and against fascism.

Believe me, any person who shows NO respect to those who fought in those wars and our lads who are fighting today does NOT have and never will warrant any respect from me.


Do I find the picture offensive, of course I do, and to be honest if that was my son, he wouldn’t be sitting down for a fortnight, believe me.  But no matter how offensive we find that picture, those men laid down their lives for us to have the right to speak out against what annoys us, without fear of persecution or being imprisoned and even worse sentenced to death.  They laid down their lives so that we did NOT live under fascist rule.

Of course there are laws that each and every one of us have to abide to, cos if there wasn’t all you would have in anarchy and not the civilised society, we are supposed to be.

Are we now going to arrest every person who sets fire to flags, or effigies of our politicians and heads of state? What about the news organisations when they show us pictures of flag burning or effigies being burnt on our TV screens and in our newspapers, are they going to be arrested?  You see this person wasn’t arrested for burning the poppy because it is NOT illegal to burn a poppy he was arrested for posting it online.

As much as I, like many others, deplore the actions of this ignorant mindless thug, because that is all he is, I do not think it warrants this overreaction that has been carried out by Kent Police.

There is a lot of abuse on social networking, which is far more offensive than that.  People are verbally abused and even recently a Lord has been accused on Twitter of being a paedophile and have any Police gone and arrested those who were labelling this man a paedophile?…

Yes this despicable person, does need to know that what he did was offensive and that is not the way to carry on in a civilised society… but come on… arresting him, keeping him overnight until they can interview him.. sorry Kent Police, as much as I admire what you do for Kent and how you keep us as safe as possible, this time you got it wrong.

Kent Police, have via Twitter, defended their actions by pointing out that should any person lodge a complaint they have to investigate.

True, but if anything perhaps a visit to his house, a word in his ear and make him apologise for his actions online.. yes.  But arresting him… nope.  Sorry this time Kent Police you definitely did make a wrong call as far as I am concerned.


According to David Allen Green on Twitter Kent Police have confirmed that it is the Squadey [sic] comment that is under investigation, the message that was posted alongside the picture.




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  1. Stitch Mitchell says:

    I don’t even agree that it is offensive. That is my view but I can see why you think that it is and for that reason I would not burn a poppy.

    I don’t think that people fought in two world wars because they were fighting for freedom; they went because (in the main) it was their ‘patriotic’ duty. Are you telling me that people who fought for Germany did it because they were fighting against freedom. It was the same sense of patriotism. Similarly, we fought as allies of the Soviet Union and people who fought for them clearly fought for restrictions of liberty. That is one of the reasons why I will not wear the poppy (there are many more reasons which I will not go into).

    However, I think you have got it right about this not being an arrestable offence although I have seen the comment that he made (there may have been more) and it was mildly threatening. Other comments have been more threatening but still not worthy of Police intervention I don’t think.

    I respect and understand your position even if I don’t agree


    1. Bren says:

      Hi Stitch Mitchell, yes we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one and likewise I respect and understand your reasoning on this one. 😀

      Our men fought in both wars because we were not going to be dictated to..

      We would have fought we are bare hands not to have the Germans marching up Whitehall.

      I remember as a child, a girl at our school whose father was a German (and believe me in the late 60’s there was still much animosity towards the German people and this girl got so much grief because her father was German) but he told us he was fighting in the war and was relieved to become a prisoner of war but feared his family would still suffer should he not try to escape and get back to Germany… he didn’t want to fight, he was against it, but I can remember him telling us, that he fought against us purely to save his own family from facing an horrendous fate because of his refusal to fight. He told us that people were threatened that if they failed to fight, their families would pay the price for their actions. That is the big difference, fighting for patriotism and fighting out of fear.


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