What is ‘hope’?… One thing I do know it is something we can’t control and that is for sure.. sometimes our hopes are raised and then dashed so callously… so what is hope?

Well according to Wiki hope is,

….. the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. Despair is the opposite of hope. Hope is the “feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best” or the act of “look[ing] forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence” or “feel[ing] that something desired may happen”.  Other definitions are “to cherish a desire with anticipation”; “to desire with expectation of obtainment”; or “to expect with confidence”

When a child or adult is sick, we have hope… we hope that they get better soon, we hope that their illness has no lasting effect on their lives. Even when the odds are not in their favour, the one thing that we, as humans, refuse to let go of is ..hope. We hope that their prognosis is good.. we hope and pray for that, day in and day out. You live in hope that  time will heal that person and things will get back to some normality.  And if that illness results in our loved one losing limbs or having to have numerous operations and treatments to save their life, we still live in hope that they will survive.  Hope is the one thing that is keeping the family of Caden Beggan strong and fighting for their child’s life… hope that God will not take their son from them.

And with every heart wrenching post that his father writes, they all start the same …”Caden is alive”.. and that is what hope is all about.  To read his father’s words and not feel any emotion or not to feel what this poor family are going through, means that you must have a heart of stone and be the most uncompassionate person going.  I have read his father’s posts on Facebook and I have cried with him, I have laughed with him and I have felt for him… every day when I check I look for those three little words that mean so much…’Caden is Alive’.

Just imagine, if your child went missing, or a loved one decided to walk out of that door and not return, even as the odds of them being found diminish with every passing day, we still hope that one day that child, that adult who we would give our lives for and who we love and miss so much, that our hearts have gone beyond breaking point, will be found or they walk back through that door from which they left.

The patient dying of cancer, still lives in hope that cure will be found and their life will be saved.  The family of a cancer patient, refuse to give up hope that some medical breakthrough will come and they will not have to face the cold stark reality that the person they love is going to die.

Even as spectators, people on the outside looking in with clear minds and unblinkered eyes, who can see that the hope these people cling onto is fading … people who watch the news and hear of a child missing, hope and pray that the Police find that child. But they know and begin to realise that with every passing day, the hope people have of a happy ending is slowly fading. The grim reality dawning on them that the prospects of this missing child being found alive is getting slimmer,with every passing day.  People who still hope for good news, people who pray so much for a happy ending.

Every person who has a missing child or loved one will have hope in their hearts and they will hang on to that hope, holding on to hope so tightly that at times it feels like they are clutching it to death, that they even wander in the opposite of hope.. despair.  But like a flash hope reignites itself and once again, hope is once again the dominant emotion.

Who are we to determine who can have hope and who can’t?  Do we have the right to say to another person you can’t have hope because statistics and past cases say that there is no hope?

Who are we to deny a person, hope…. when hope is all they have?


Sadly today was one of those days when hope lost the battle, when hope was extinguished and pain and despair took over.  I have just gone onto Caden Beggan’s Facebook page and those words that we had hoped we saw with every post were not there…

Caden lost his fight for life and died in his mummy and daddy’s arms

My thoughts and prayers are with Caden’s family and friends at this sad time, and heaven has been given a little angel.. Rest in Peace Caden xx  Even though many of us didn’t know you, we all adored you and how brave you have been… sleep tight sweetheart xx


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