Or should that be home-wreckers?  Yes the two little terrors woke up this morning full of beans and mischief.  Firstly both kickboards were removed from one side of the kitchen and the plinth lights were no-longer attached to their cables…  Yes Dumpling, you were caught in the act.. as you laid there with the wires attached to you and hanging from your mouth… Thank god I had turned them off.

Then a fight ensued as to who was chasing who around the dining table… and naturally Dumpling took Stewie out and he landed in the curtains by the patio door and has subsequently bent the pole bracket and now the curtains look pie-eyed.

Now it is normal practice in this house, whoever gets up first in the morning, to put the timer buttons back on the cooker, but today when I woke up it looked like a bomb-site.

And if you think that was not enough mischief for the day, between them they managed to bite through the internet cable outside.. good old RIchard, is all I can say.. They are coming tomorrow to do a permanent repair and I have managed to do a temporary fix, with duck-tape.  Oh, yes the duck-tape that is what is left over from the washing machine repair.  Yes we have silver duck-tape across the bottom of the washing machine to hold the filter door in place.

They have already eaten one filter door and the replacement is now not as pristine as when it arrived, but the worst part is this.  The other night when I went shopping they managed to get the filter door off, yet again, and they pulled out the drain hose and cap came off.. good job son came in and caught them before they bit through the hose.. luckily he managed to save the hose, clean up the flood and tell them they are in deep shite when mother gets home.

But how could you ever resist these two little sweeties, I know I must be getting soft in my old age.. honestly their little faces melt away the anger you feel when they are being their normal selves… that is home-wreckers.



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