Patience is a virtue dear..

DSCF0673 (Small)Oh yes, it is that time of year again, when the ladder comes out and the other half comes down from the loft with boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations and that tree.

We have had the same tree for about 4 years now, and as we now have two pups, which I know won’t leave the tree alone, we were debating whether to buy a cheap tree or put up our nice one.

Oh and there is a story to that tree.  Well it started one Sunday morning when he decided the decorations was going up.  Up the loft he went and got the decorations.. anyway up went the tree and just as he was about to put the top part on – the bit where the star sits – it snapped off.

No way was I going to have a tree with no star, so off to B and Q we went to buy a new tree.. We measured the height we needed and after visiting B & Q we couldn’t see one we liked.. so we drove to Homebase. What we were looking for was a slim tree, one that wouldn’t spread out too much.

Well Homebase had the perfect tree, right height, or so we thought and home we came with tree in back of car. In we came, unboxed the tree and by the time we put on the final piece the tree was too tall for the lounge, the Star would have  bent over and would have laid up against the ceiling.

No good then, so we packed it back up and off we went to Homebase to return a tree and bring home another.. well we couldn’t find another one, so after we got our refund, we decided to go back to B & Q and get one that I saw that I liked… he said it would be too big… I said no it won’t be (it looked quite small in the shop)… anyway home we came and he started to put the tree together.. well be put two branches on it to see the maximum diameter of the tree.. and guess what.. he was right.. I couldn’t get it in the corner .. it was too flaming big.  The only way it fitted was to move the dining table out onto the patio.

So we packed up yet another tree, returned it back to B & Q and paid for one that was quite a bit dearer in order that we had a tree.

DSCF0677 (Small)Anyway after our trips to and fro various DIY stores, where we were buying trees and then returning Christmas trees, we finally got one that was the right height, the right width and it was nearly 6pm before we finally decorated it.

Patience well my other half, doesn’t have a lot of that.. if things go smoothly he is happy but once they start to go wrong, that is it.. tempers fly… patience is very limited and the best thing you can do is, just keep out of the way and let him rant and rave until he has stomped the temper tantrum out of himself.

Well this year we have decided to put up our old tree, and he is planning on putting the decorations up… Well I just wonder how much patience he will have after Stewie and Dumpling have helped him put 400 lights around that tree.

As for Santa that stands there and does a wiggle and jiggle, no way will he survive this year so, Santa it is going to be at least another year before you get an airing.

DSCF0675 (Small)I can just see Santa being dragged around the floor by a couple of pups.  Now what do I do about the toys we purchase and have around the house .. the ones that sing songs and do tricks.. well I think only a few of them will be seeing Christmas 2012.. As my two lovely little pooches can reach the back of the sideboard I don’t even think those we have on the sideboard will be safe, do you?

Foot tapping Santa there will definitely be the first to be attacked..

DSCF0671 (Small)And as for my decorations that are placed on the window sill.. well I will try but as other half said, he will leave the boxes out for a few days so that we can pack them all away.

I have great visions of little Dumpling trying to wedge herself on that window sill along with those decorations.  You know that dog honestly thinks she can sit wherever she likes and space will be made for her.  Then she finds herself unable to move, because she knows she is going to fall off.  Hence we have to get up and pick her off of the window sill and place her back on the ground.   Does she learn?  No.. within minutes she is back up there thinking this time I will fit, but she never does.

Now for the bannister that separates the lounge from the diner, do I dare entwine my garland with its Christmas lights around the slats?..

DSCF0669 (Small)

I think whatever I put up I could very well be taking down but there is no way am I not going to bother.. My house at Christmas is like a toy shop and to be perfectly honest, I love my decorations when they are finally up and the other half has calmed down.

As for Christmas 2012, will we have decorations and if we do will the man of the house remain, cool, calm and collected?And if the other half doesn’t manage to find the patience..  I could very well, find myself spending Christmas 2012 decorationless.  Mind you I am trying to convince myself that Stewie and Dumpling will behave and leave those decorations alone, but again am I just fooling myself?

Well all I can say is this, thank god we have a 5ft tall bookcase that the pooches can’t reach the top of , YET… At least we can have Santa, Snowman and Monkey Boy singing their hearts off for Christmas 2012 even if we don’t have another single decoration up.


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