Bargain of the Day

IMG_3079I take it all back, yes he did have patience.  And who said miracles don’t happen! Well as I wrote in Thurday’s post, about our dilemma as to whether we should put up our nice Christmas tree that we have had just for 4 years (and it cost a bloody fortune) or whether to get a cheap and cheerful one, as we were sure the pooches would wreck it within the first 10 minutes of completion.

Well last night we did our shopping and got a Turkey, feeds up to 18 people and there is only 4 of us for Christmas Lunch… turkey salad, turkey stew, turkey curry, turkey pie.. turkey right through until new year with the size of it.

Anyway that is beside the point… as we were shopping, I saw a Christmas Tree on the shelf for £15.  Do I buy it or don’t I?  God I hate having to make decisions on the spur of the moment.  Now the thought that was running through my mind was, ‘for £15 you are going to get one naff tree with plenty of space between the very few branches it does have’.  Would it be sparse and a waste of £15?

On come on surely for £15 you couldn’t grumble if it didn’t look that spectacular by the time the pooches have wrecked it, it will be a lost more sparse than when it arrived.

Well Tesco you surpassed yourself.. today we put it up and even though it is a foot smaller and a few inches narrower than our decent one, this tree is not bad at all.. In fact for £15 I am rather impressed.

And believe it or not, what makes this tree even more special, he kept his patience and the dogs have had a sniff but so far so good, it has been up 10 hours and it is still in tact.

So if anyone is wondering whether to get a cheap tree for £15 from Tescos well it is well worth it.


Not bad at all, is it?


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