Mid December 2012

letter through doorYes it was late one afternoon, mid December, when the Postman kindly delivered a letter to me from my GP.

The letter just said could I telephone my doctor to discuss the results of my tests… 

The days were going on and I wasn’t feeling any better… in fact at times I was feeling bloody dreadful and so, so tired… I could wake up and 9 am and be asleep by 11am.

Sleeping right through the night was a thing of the past, I would wake up with one bit in pain, and then another.. I would try to turn over in bed and was finding it difficult… If I wasn’t being woken by a pain in my knee it was by the pain in my shoulder or back..

And what made it worst was him, lying there sound asleep. 😀 Count sheep, relaxation exercises, deep breathing.. nothing seemed to work, I would drift in and out of sleep always to be woken by one ache or another.

Anyway back to the letter, I rang the doctors surgery and they booked a telephone call for the doctor to ring me on the following day (I think or it could have been two).

I waited for the call and then she rang, she explained that the results of the x-rays in her opinion showed signs of Osteoporosis… brilliant..  She told me to increase my calcium intake and to make an appointment should I have any questions.  If not she will see me after I have the MRI scan (which I knew was on the 5th January 2013).

Christmas was around the corner, and to be perfectly honest… I just could have cancelled it… I was not improving and I tried my hardest to keep things from my family… I just didn’t want them to worry.

My husband was great.. he could see I was in agony at times, and when home did all he could to help me… I was dropping things and to be honest was too frightened to go out with our cameras, to take photos, just in case I dropped my camera.

When you start feeling clumsy, you get panicky, which in turn makes you more clumsy… it is a real vicious circle.

I just couldn’t wait for January to come and get all these things over and done with.

Just before Christmas Eve, I was telephoned by the Physio Department who made me an appointment to see the Physio on the 2nd January. 2013 to see if they could help with my knees.

Christmas came and Christmas went… and I was not feeling any better.


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