Christmas Morning…. Dumpling

Waiting patiently for Santa
Waiting patiently for Santa

Well those humans are funny people, first we are told not to let people into the house, unless mum and dad say it is OK and we have to bark to tell our owners that someone naughty is in the house.  Next we are told to let some fat guy, dressed in a red suit, come down our chimney and we are not make a peep (bark or growl in our case) and to make sure we are looking as if we are asleep.

Come one.. make your minds up.. do we let them in or not?

Well I don’t know about Stewie, but I had a little peek and it looks like he left something with our names on it… and do you know what.. he didn’t even open the door for us to get to it.. There we were stuck behind the baby gate in the kitchen and we had to wait for mum to get up…. call this the goodwill to all dogs and a Merry Christmas… It would have been a lot merrier if I could have had that glass of vino and that mince pie and a chew on his suit.

Naturally as I heard her, mother that is, come down the stairs, I was already to run out the back, do a quick pee and rush back in to see what that fat geezer had left.  As you can see I am sitting patiently waiting and not doing anything naughty… Hope I get a good prezzie…


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