Christmas Morning – Stewie

It’s Christmas…

Well I left sis to it last night.. she could be on guard.. my god what the heck did they put in that glass?… The mince pie was OK, but that drink sort of blew my head off.  As you can see, colours are too bright for me today.. will stick with the old black and white… talk about the hair of the dog.. no way am I giving sis a kiss for Christmas.

Anyway that fat guy did leave me something, and it appears little sis got something too, well these humans aren’t very imaginative are they?  We both got the same.. do they think because we are dogs, we don’t notice these things?  Well you lot, we do.. mind you it was funny keep fighting with sis and saying that is my one, yours is over there.

God did she get a paddy on her.. and a Merry Christmas to you sis…. by the way I can’t remember buying those things that mum and dad said were from us… think yourselves lucky, you got different things.. ah but we know next year… you both get the bloody same, just like you did to us this year.


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