There is nothing like…

I will lose my rag, if you don’t stop it Stewie…

A piece of old rag… Well when my mum and dad came to pick up Stewie and I, this lady who we did live with, gave mum and dad a bit of rag… She told mum that it would help to settle us in..

True it did… but more importantly, it gives me a chance to beat up big brother… you see we both love this bit of rag.. and we drag it everywhere with us.. sometimes we get a little upset when her indoors insists on washing it.. but life wouldn’t be complete without this bit of rag as far as I am concerned.

Now I have no objections to sharing it with Stewie, but come on.. it sits in our bed and the only time he really bothers about it, is when I have it.. then it leads to a fight because he wants to put it back in our bed and lay on it. No way am I having that… I growl at him and threaten to bite his ears… but just of late he started to growl back at me… well it looks like I will have to get a bit firm with him, and teach him .. us ladies rule the roost.

The only problem is this, you see her indoors gets a bit cross when me and Stew decide to change our cloth for her tea towels, dusters, dishcloth or whatever we can get our paws on.. even our big brothers underpants… Mind you we do have a chuckle when our human brother shouts about the holes in his pants.. as he screams, “Bloody dogs have had my pants again.”

Well we can’t be good all the time can we.. and as dad says, if we are good 1% of the day, that is a bonus… we can’t work out what he means.. I am sure he is not saying we are naughty little pups.. is he?


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