Game, set and match…


There I was sitting by my mum, all quiet and just about to have a doze whilst she was on her computer when all of a sudden all hell broke lose.

Yes you guessed it, little sis wanted to play tennis… down she came, bringing the tennis balls and demanding that I play and mum move her chair..

How dare she demand I play tennis… what is it with these women.. do they expect us to jump to their commands?

Well as she is my little sis and mum always says I have to act like her big brov, I decided to do the honourable thing… please note your Majesty.. can I have an honour next year?

Well things were going well and until sis put the balls under mum’s desk… that was it.. mum has wires under that desk and little sis, never leaves anything alone, so I had to stop her from getting hurt, didn’t I?


Naturally little sis, didn’t think I was being the perfect gent, because she started to show her teeth.. now I know all about this electricity you know.. because mum keeps telling me when I take the kickboard off and bit through those plinth lights, I could have got a shock.

Not as much shock as she had, when she came down in the morning and saw what we did in the night… I blame sis you know.. bad influence my sis.  Oh by the way, I think she had nearly hatched the plan to get us ASDO’d (Anti Social Dog Order) from the training classes.

Well now little sis, is demanding that she has the final say… well what can I say to that as she runs around the house barking, Game, Set and Match… loser!!!

Game, set and match.... loser
Game, set and match…. loser



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