Talk about Happy New Year

I don't believe it....
I don’t believe it….

There I was all willing to sit next to big sis and have my photograph taken when all of a sudden little sis turned to me and whispered, “I’ve heard it is dog training classes for us.”  Now I don’t know what we have done, but by all accounts mum was talking to dad and she sent this thing off called an email (can I chew it) to this dog training group… honestly I had to look at mum with my adoring face and ask her outright…

And you guessed it… little sis is right… oh well … looks like me and sis will have to hatch a plan to get expelled.

Talk about a Happy New Year… well you might be nursing bad heads but sis and I don’t have a lot to look forward to in 2013.  Dog training classes, walking properly,  leaving mum and dad’s stuff alone .. pfffft.. this doesn’t sound like fun…


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