And today Matthew Part II…

Me help …

Stewie is going to be a dish washer upper..

Well, you see Stewie and I share the chores, or we try to.. well we have heard mum tell our human brother off for leaving his room in a mess… well that is when he lived here..

So we knew as we had been naughty we, or more to the point, Stewie had better try to make amends.  Well after all he has left the plotting and scheming of getting out of puppy training to me… so he is not going to be a typical man and sit on his rear and give orders.

You don’t need Fairy when you have me…

Give orders when I am in charge no way.. Anyway there he was trying to get in these humans good books and up he got from his sleep and offered to do the dishes… well I know we are known as the white goods dogs because of our behaviour and destruction of them… and yes we have helped many a time with the dishes.. but this time our human dad was not having none of it.. he got rather cross with Stewie.. mind you I was laying in my bed having a chuckle, cos normally I am the one that causes the bother… Mind you, daddy calls me his little princess so I think my cuteness saves my bacon a lot of the time.

Now you can’t help but wonder can you.. how the heck do you please these humans.. Stewie was having a good lick at trying to get those dishes clean.. but my god does this mother of ours weld things on them… I have never seen so many burnt offerings going into one appliance.

All I can say, is thank god Stewie and I have our food come in tins and big sacks.. and it hasn’t got to be cooked.

Mind you mum is not happy with us.. you see today our dad had to take her to the hospital.. again.. God she goes more times to the hospital than we go to the Vets… and we thought we would help with the floor as we made it dirty with muddy paw prints just as mum and dad were going to leave… but you see Stewie and I started arguing over who was mopping and who was in charge of the bucket… seems we both wanted the bucket… oh well another thing for mum to add to the destruction list..

I am off for a kip.. all this work is very, very tiring…

We are in bother... again
We are in bother… again

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  1. Tucker is our “pre-rinser” too!


    1. Bren says:

      The worst part is when the two of them think they can get in the machine to do the dishes they can’t reach.. bicker bicker, moan moan, snarl snarl… meanwhile we are creased up.. I know we shouldn’t laugh but they are so comical. They are like Hinge and Bracket..


  2. I am so happy my human saw this. Now she knows that I am not the only Golden Retriever who is obsessed with “that magic box in the kitchen.” It’s just amazing what humans leave on their dishes!


    1. I know, it is amazing, me and stewie are thankful our food comes in tins and packets… but what annoys Stewie and he does have a grumble about it, is that these humans put things that are at our level and then moan when we won’t leave them alone.. Well I hope my mum reads this, if you don’t want us to touch well don’t put it where we can touch.. opps I bet I will be in bother … oh well .. off to see what I can destroy now…


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