Off to Physiotherapy

physiotherapyYep the day finally arrived that I was due to attend my physiotherapy appointment at Medway Hospital.

By luck, hubby was still on his Christmas leave, so he took me… I didn’t have to wait long before called in and I went through the ranges of movements I could do with my knees… they were not good, so the physio gave me an exercise sheet and referred me to ‘The Escape Knee Pain’ 5-week course that is held at a Rochester Medical Practice.  

I asked her about the pains in my shoulders, arm and neck and hands, but unfortunately she couldn’t do anything about that as I was only referred to her for my knees and if I wanted go about those joints and limbs I would have to get the consultant to refer me again.

She asked to see me at the end of the month, to see how I was getting on, as there was so much muscle weakness in my legs she only wanted me to do the first two exercises and at my next visit she would give me more exercises to do.

After laying on this bed, for 20 minutes trying to do these exercises, my thighs really began to hurt.  But it didn’t seem like pain you get from over exercising, if you know what I mean. It was a dull ache all the time and the intensity of the ache was increasing..

Anyway session over, hubby and I left the hospital and came home.  But even that exercise tired me out… I just felt so tired again…


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