Dog tired….

Well my day started at 4.30 a.m.  Yes you guessed it.. little sis wanted to play.. 👿 me well I was all for catching some more zzz’s…. but had no option but to oblige and play with her..  Well I can tell you it didn’t do our Dad much good, you see, once she had me running around the kitchen, like a rent-a-loony.. I had to bark to let them humans know I wanted a pee.

So up got our Dad, he is a good old soul really.. and let us out.

But one thing dad, I really should point out to you humans is this, there I was running around the kitchen with my legs crossed, busting a gut, and all I can here is you doing what I want to do so desperately and to make matters worse, then you do something with that white thing with a hole in it and all I can hear is the sound of running water.. do you humans not understand that when us dogs hear those noises it doesn’t help us busting for a pee, pooches..

Now that has been pointed out to you and please pass this message onto mum, as she does exactly the same.  Out we went.. finally.  Brrrr. it was cold out there.. no way was I staying out to freeze my bits off..  so for me it was a quick long-awaited pee and back into the warmth again.  Little sis well that was different… as I was back in my bed I heard my dad saying, “Come on Dumpling out of there and come in.”

Well she did oblige and we both settled back down and dad went back to bed….

Little sis is definitely paying the price for getting up so early…

Seems she is too tired to get out of bed properly..
Seems she is too tired to get out of bed properly..

It seems she is too tired to get out of bed properly.. that will teach her.. meanwhile I am having a good natter with these humans..  Can’t understand what the heck they are saying .. but I will look attentive.. surely that has earned me a couple of credits for good behaviour.

Listening to those humans
Listening to those humans

Yep I got it dad, if she starts early in the morning again… I am allowed to bite her bum… oh that is fine by me… 😉


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