Those humans do cause some bother…

Well it started last night you see, Dumpling and I were shoved into the kitchen because they wanted to be greedy and feed their faces.. they went shopping.  Well little sis and I shouldn’t really complain because they do bring us back a treat or two… sometimes we are lucky and we get a new toy..

They’ve done nothing but cause bother… believe me.

So to Tesco’s they went.. well when they arrived back naturally we had to trample on the shopping to see if there was anything for us.. and yes we were in luck again… they bought us these nice new bones.  One for me and one for Dumpling.

Great.. all they have done is create bother.. you see we don’t like sharing something that is nice.. and little sis and I have been arguing non stop as to who has what bone.

We were being so naughty last night.. do you know what poppa did? He took them away from us.. how dare he.. no kisses for him in the morning and we are going to take the kickboard off and throw it around the kitchen early.. just so he gets up.  Yes we are going to be his 5.30 alarm clock.. payback is a bitch… 😀

Well they went out again today, to collect some sort of thing in a brown bag… and they took these bones away cos sis and I were still arguing.. Mum this time said, “They are not going to start fighting in my kitchen whilst we are out, they can have them back when we return.”  Well that’s another solar light destined for the bin, for you my dear..  When are you going to learn? Don’t mess with us..

True to their word we were given the bones back when they returned… I was quite contented to chew mine in the lounge… but little sis had to start if off again..

Yes there she was at the bottom of the dining room steps, encouraging me to chase her to get her bone.  I have video evidence.. here.

Of course, I had to retaliate.. no way was she going to have the last word and I took her bone away from her… only this time mum got video evidence of us having a ruck.

You guessed it.. now our bones are sitting on the bloody worktop out of our reach….you just wait sis until they are not looking… 😉


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  1. Those bones seem to have brought the beast out in you two!


  2. Bren says:

    I know, we took those bones away as punishment and they started to do the same with a small rope toy they had…. 😀 😀 What makes me laugh is there is tails wagging whilst they are going in temper tantrum mode.


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