Not impressed

You guessed it, I am not impressed, with those humans.. I found something out today and I can tell you it shocked me to the core.  I really don’t know how I will get over this to be honest.. but this has to be animal cruelty…surely.  “Sis find the number of the RSPCA, we are being unfairly treated.”

Well, as I said yesterday it was payback time for him, for taking our bones away and so at 5.30 a.m. this morning we took the kick-board off and started to throw it around the kitchen… that got him up.. that’ll teach him to take our bones away.

Anyway, after he drank this dark stuff, called coffee, he went for a shower… well that was it as me and sis had been out in the garden we were confined to the kitchen whilst he had his shower.. doesn’t he trust us?

Well little sis saw that he had not shut the baby gate right… so we waited for the water to start and we made our great escape… eat your heart out Steve McQueen.. we beat your motorbike stunt by miles.

Little sis, jumped on the sofa and decided to knock out some more of the zzz’s, well as for me I saw the golden (pardon the pun) opportunity to make an escape for those places that you have to climb too…

SILENTNIGHT-BERLIN-6FTYep, I ran up those steep things as quick as I could and there I spotted it, our mum… laying with her eyes shut on this big square thing, and I wanted to give my mum such a kiss, so I jumped up on to it and found just how comfy it was…

What the heck is going on?  They get a big square thing that is soft and luxurious and we get a plastic bed with a blanket thrown in.. surely that is animal cruelty, isn’t it?

zanzibar 194I couldn’t believe it, there she was… covered up, looking so peaceful and comfy and there we are, me and sis, having to share a plastic box like this one, with just a blanket in it.

Now I can tell you something that is for sure, there are two of them on our hit list now.. me and Dumps are going to get both of them up tomorrow way before 5.30 am.  especially now we know that these humans sleep in more comfort that us… and do you know what the worst part is?  When I had a nosey around up there, there is another one of those things in another room, a lot smaller, so I tried that and yes you guessed it it is more comfortable than that box.. surely we could have that, couldn’t we?

I can tell you outright I am not impressed.

I am not impressed....
I am not impressed….

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