Mobile-MRI-Scanner-unit-parkedI don’t normally like closed in spaces much.. but I can’t say I really suffer from claustrophobia either, but the thought of going through and MRI scanner is really putting the heebie-jeebies in me I can tell you that. Well it started yesterday I was to have a MRI done on my hands and wrists.. god the diagnosis of why they ache has ranged from possible Rheumatoid Arthritis, to Osteoarthritis to Osteoporosis. With the possibility there being a good chance I have Osteoporosis in my wrists… great isn’t it?

Anyway whatever is wrong, I am sure they will sort out.. but all I know is I am fed up to the back teeth of dropping things and having no strength in my wrists and hands.

Anyway there I was at the hospital waiting for my scan, when I was told that one of the scanners had broken down and they were taking me to the mobile one parked outside the Accident and Emergency Department. Fine, I don’t care, just want this over with… I had psyched myself up for this all day.

Anyway off I trotted to the Mobile Unit.. waited patiently until the other patient finished and then I was told to lay on this table, on my stomach with my right hand stretched out in a superman position… What??? Christ I have arthritis in my shoulders and knees and you want me to lay like Superman… fine, it is only for a few minutes of agony I can survive that…  putting on my brave little soldier face here.

GE_EchoSpeed_Plus_Mobile_MRIThere I was laying there, padded up and feeling totally uncomfortable, with earplugs in and a buzzer in one hand and my right arm stretched in the most uncomfortable position ever, staring in front of me at this little hole in the great big deafening sounding gadget known to mankind, when the problems arose.

Yes the table was not sliding in properly, they had a hardware failure… anyway they tried everything to get  the scanner working.

Nope no way was it going to co-operate so it was off the table for me and back into the little section where the nurses are and they tried everything to get this table to move including a total re-boot of the scanner. As the door to the scanner room was open there I was staring at this small space that I was expected to pass through, when I started to feel really claustrophobic… calm down… breathe deep.. it will soon be over, and trying to push those thoughts of, ‘Oh my god, if that table doesn’t move or jams up, I could be stuck in this bloody thing not able to get out.’

The nurse must have seen the anxiety running across my face, in fact I think the blood drained from my face in fear… and she reassured me that they can pull the table out if need be.

‘It will be OK, it will be fine’… I kept reassuring myself.  But no the scanner was not going to play ball.  So there they were sending me back to the MRI suite to see if they could fit me in and unfortunately as the scans are on both hands and wrists it is going to by half hour scan on each hand with a rest in-between, they couldn’t do it that day.  So I have been re-booked for Thursday.  Now I have one aching shoulder, that stinks of Deep Heat, where I tried to be super-man and butterflies in my stomach because I know for a fact I have to be in this contraption for an hour.

God I hate getting old…and I hate the bloody look of MRI scanners.


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  1. Mama Bear says:

    I’m sorry your going through this. I had an MRI done on my knee 4 years ago when I tore my ACL. The technician gave me a pair of headphones to wear and they played music. Station of my choice.
    If they don’t have headphones, I wonder if you could bring some of your own and listen to music or an audio book?


    1. Bren says:

      Hi Mama Bear.. yes they tried to give me the headphones.. but unfortunately due to the position I have to lay, I can’t use them.. so it is just ear plugs… I will be glad when it has finally been done.


  2. I just had an MRI. The thing needs windows….or something.


    1. Bren says:

      I know eventually on Thursday I had it done.. the position I had to lay in would have put Superman to shame, and even though it was pretty light in there it still felt claustrophobic


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