“Stewie, Stewie come here, quick.. woof woof. He is missing.”

Something is not right here I can tell you humans that.. I have shouted for Stewie but no he is quite happy having cuddles from mum.

I am frantic something is not right here and my mum and brother don’t seem to be bothered, why is that?  He is missing you know and they don’t seem perturbed at all.  Stewie is laying on his back on the sofa with mum tickling his belly.  As for me I am standing here trying to tell them he is missing.

What the heck is wrong with these humans, don’t they understand woof talk?  And they expect us to know, sit, lay, down, stay… come on meet us half way.

I am trying to tell them something, very important about poppa.. he is missing… I can’t find him….

And please stop trying to tell me it will be OK.   And that he will be home  tonight… and that he has had to go back to work.. I don’t understand.. and it is not OK.  All I know is that he went this way and is missing.

He went this way... mum
He went this way… mum

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  1. This was a very nice read. Thank you, I really enjoyed it!


    1. Bren says:

      You are welcome


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