Afternoon nap…

IMG_3299Well I was getting real excited today, you see my mum watches the Channel 5 afternoon movie, or more to the point sleeps through the afternoon movie and today’s film was called ‘Dogged’.

That was it I got my viewing position, normally I have to have the floor, but I got in before mum and settled down to watch the movie.. Oh I was getting excited, wagging my tail like a goodun.. a film all about me.

Mum sat in dad’s chair, funny chair that, one minute they are sitting there upright, next they are flat on their back.. I don’t know how they do it, I have tried and tried and I can’t manage to make the chair go like they do..  anyway there she was, in this funny position, with her eyes shut, when the film came on and what a shock I had… it wasn’t about me, it was about those humans again.. well that was it.. I just had to turn over and copy my mum and have a nap.

As I had the whole of the sofa, and mum had the chair, little sis couldn’t get comfortable in the other chair so had to lay on the floor… 😆  Well there I was enjoying my nap and little sis wanted to play.. so she dragged in her blanket, bought in all the toys we have, even the towel we dry our muddy feet on.  I was having none of it.. and do you know what she did, when mum woke up and told her to leave me alone.. she stuck her tongue out at mum..

I laid there pretending to be asleep, chuckling under my doggie breath, and thinking… that told you mother.


Mind you mum did see the funny side of it… which is good, because we did get a treat for doing our 5 minute training… we have learnt the command stay today.. we aren’t that good but we are getting there.. we will do anything for those Schmackos…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mickcgorman says:

    I love that pokey out tongue. 😀


    1. Bren says:

      I know she is one cheeky little dog… that cutie face of hers allows her to get away with blue murder at times.


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