MRI Scanner

The day had finally arrived, MRI day, and after my episode on the previous Saturday, I was really dreading this.

Having to be a contortionist and superman, the previous Saturday did absolutely nothing for my shoulder except make it ache more.

My appointment was at 10 am so I left home in what I thought was plenty of time to get to the MRI unit..

But alas no.

The parking at Medway Hospital, that time in the morning is horrendous… the queues to enter the car park, went right back to the road entrance.  Time was fast approaching 10 am before I managed to find a parking space… I arrived at the MRI suite, expecting to be turned away because it was just gone 10, but thankfully, they said they knew what the parking was like and they give patients so leeway.

Anyway this time I was told to wear hospital gowns and was taken into the room… By luck the scanner this time, seemed to be working and the round hole you pass through did seem a little larger than the other scanner on Saturday.

I was preped, put into the most uncomfortable position ever and the scan began… I remember laying there thinking to myself, ‘Please hurry up my shoulder is absolutely killing me.’

After about 25 minutes I was removed from the scanner and was asked if I wanted to get the other hand done that day or re-book, as the nurse knew it was causing me great discomfort.

I wanted this over and done with, so I told them to carry on.

The left hand scan seemed to go quicker… but I was relieved to finally be released from that machine.  Back to the cubicle to get dressed and then I was told the results would be sent to the consultant and I will hear about my follow up appointment.

MRI over with… thank god. Shoulders and upper arm ache.. now on the increase… oh well my new brand of perfume called Eau de Deep Heat, would soon ease those pains away.

Home I came, to find a letter awaiting me, telling me that my ‘Escape Knee Pain 5-week Course’ would start on the 28th January 2013.


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  1. Ann says:

    Oh Bren I can sympathise with you here. Have had a couple of MRI scans and tbh I found it very claustrophobic indeed, couldnt wait to get out of that machine.
    You will be so glad that its all over.
    What is the knee treatement yu are going for, I have never herd of it.
    Take care xx


    1. Bren says:

      Oh Ann that was all last year.. just clicked on the wrong link to put to Facebook 😀 I hated every minute in that machine.. They put me on the Escape Knee Pain classes where you learnt about your knees and how to get your muscles to compensate for you dodgy knees when moving.. the only thing is I shouldn’t have been put on it because I had PMR and the exercise of the quads was making the PMR flare up more. 😀 Vicious circle these joint aches and pains.. sort one joint and then something else plays up.


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