Blame it on the weatherman.. mum

Stewie with muddy feet.There we have been waiting for the last two days for snow.. We have seen all those lovely photos of you doggies on Twitter, playing in the Snow… Sawyer seems to be have such great fun in snow up to his chest.. And then we saw a picture of a collie on Twitter that was having fun in the snow..

Well sis and I got a bit depressed you see, that flaming weatherman promised us snow.  We wanted to frolic, play and have fun just like Sawyer and that lovely Collie… but no that weatherman was not going to allow us.

What with little sis and I seeing all these photos of you pooches having a great time, well you don’t know how disturbing it is.. so little sis and I looked at each other and said..  we can still have fun.. more fun them them.. you see they are getting cold and all iced-up.. we can be a bit warmer and all mudded-up.

Great one plan in action, me and sis made our exit out of the back door.. and started to run around the garden like rent-a-loonies We spied our mum standing at these very big glass doors and we showed her how we can frolic and play .. in the mud..

The look on her face.. well all sis and I can say to mum.. is ‘Blame it on the Weatherman’

Brown mud is such our colour.. it really shows our highlights off a treat.. where as the snow is not that flattering.. especially if your are blonde.  Well that is what little sis says, when she chews up these fashion mags… you have to have a contrasting colour.. we picked brown sorry sis… Taupe..


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  1. It’s fun to bounce around in the muddy puddles, until the human shows up. But I must say that you wear your mud well!


  2. Uschi says:

    I hope you’ll get snow soon, it is a lot of fun! It’s snowing here today, but not quite enough to run around in, I can’t wait for more! Woof, Sawyer


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