Us Bickering… no never

IMG_3313Now would big brov and I bicker?  Well that is what her indoors is saying.. something about if we were kids (what are those) we’d have our heads banged together.  I don’t know but by all accounts me a big brov ain’t in her good books today.

Well it started when we got really muddy and then wanted to come in.. we had to go straight to our bed and stay there until the mud dried on us… Mind you that didn’t bother me and brov as we were so flaming tired. So we settled down to have a good old kip, as that would earn us some good credits.  Hardwork this dog’s life is.

Now all was going fine, even though I had to lay with my paws outside the bed, my god my big brov does know how to hog the bed..

But then he started taking liberties.. yes real ones… not that sort.. but he wanted more of the bed and he was pushing me further and further out of the box.. well I was having none of that. So I started to tell him in no uncertain terms what would happen if I had to kip on the floor.

There we were having a domestic and in she pops, with her tuppenceworth.. something on the lines of, “I could bang your bloody heads together.. stop this bickering.”

Us bickering.. no never we were having a domestic.. big difference.. I was telling him and waiting for him to agree to my demands and say, “Yes dear.”  You know, just like the arguments you and poppa have, where Poppa always loses.   I am only following in my mother’s footsteps.. honest mum xx

Surely us girls have to stick together mum… you have seen what happens when you leave things to those men.. especially if they have those not-so-doggy names of Cameron and Clegg. Mind you their coats don’t look too good either and I am sure Cameron’s nose is not as wet as it should be… oh well I am sure my poppa will put them right.. when he has a rant or two.. about Clegg missing part of the male breed standard.

So my mum calls this bickering…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mama Bear says:

    What a great video!


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you Mama Bear, I was finding it hard not to laugh.. they were really having a domestic about who was having the bed..


  2. Mama Bear says:

    I find it amazing that they still share a bed for as big as they both are.


    1. Bren says:

      I think it is a case Mama Bear that neither of them are willing to give up that bed.. we have another bed, but no they have to get into the same bed.. whichever bed one decides they want.. the other one has to have the same bed.


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