Sandy Hook – The dark side of the internet…

395715-paranoiaJust cast your minds back to November 30th (December* See comment) 2012, when we all were shocked at breaking news on our TV screens that a gun-man had entered an elementary school and opened fire.

Parents who had children at that school, as soon as the news broke, rushed to find their child or children as the case may be.. they raced to school, hoping and praying that their little child was not a victim, whilst knowing that someone they knew, or a classmate of their child’s could be a victim.

Well to understand the mentality of why someone would want to gun down innocent children at a school is beyond me. The reasoning behind such cold-blooded killings well is incomprehensible.

A town, its residents and its community and the safety they all felt, that day was destroyed… destroyed by Adam Lanza.  It is only natural with 24 hours news stations broadcasting live as it happens, that they will jump to the wrong conclusions.  Information is scarce and what information they do have, they try to bring to their viewers and to be perfectly honest, sometimes that information can be totally incorrect.

Even hours after the event, nobody, other than the emergency services, knew what really happening at that given time, even the Police were still trying to work out how this did happen and who was behind it… The Police were a) trying to solve a crime and b) trying to make sure that no more children where hurt.

Now the internet is rife with conspiracy theories… parents who are supposed to be actors playing the part of grieving parents, a father’s actions being questioned because he smiled and laughed before giving a press conference. even sites saying the whole thing was staged.

People do laugh, they do smile, and they cry..  even our future King smiled and laughed the day before his mother’s funeral…

*Thanks to MrsMLouis on twitter for finding this video*

Because our future King laughed and smiled does that make him ‘in on it’? Does that make him part of the conspiracy that still surrounds his mother’s death?

Of course not.. but the trouble is with conspiracy theorists is this… they bend the facts to suit their theory. They don’t form a theory based on facts.. they find something that they cling to and they will through misinformation and twisting of words make that conspiracy theory stick one way or the other.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported about the man who took 6 children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School into his home and sheltered them.. he gave them refuge, he listened to them and he offered comfort.  Children who were distraught with what they had seen.  Children who are innocent little human beings, having to witness their friends, their favourite teacher/teachers/classroom assistants gunned down.

But the conspiracy theorists are now making that man’s life hell… to put it bluntly.  They are accusing him of being a paedophile, even a satanist.. the article states:

A hero of the Sandy hook massacre who sheltered six terrified children after they fled their classroom today told how he has been branded a pedophile in outrageous attacks by conspiracy theorists.

A growing online community of people who deny the horrific elementary school shooting ever took place has begun barraging Rosen on a daily basis.

Some call him a pedophile, others say he’s a satanist or an actor hired to by ‘the government.’ Many of his anonymous attackers accuse him of being all three.

The baseless claims are likely to cause outrage in Newtown as families continue to struggle to come to terms with the horror of December’s massacre that shocked the nation.

And the conspiracy theorists are worldwide… they are  not limited to just the USA in this case where the tragedy happened, they come from all walks of life and of all nations… one site alone, is questioning whether people are speaking the truth about Sandy Hook.. yes the Jill Havern Forum

And do you know what, a poster on there who is to appear before the High Court in February, for Contempt of Court (yes he made an agreement not to libel a missing child’s family and broke it) is now fuelling the flames on the conspiracy theorists of Sandy Hook… he classes it as questioning.. I and many others don’t.  A poster states this:

I love a good conspiracy theory but, to suggest that the school massacre did not happen because nobody has seen proof of it, is in my view giving conspiracy theorists a worse name than they already have!

He replies with this:

Just for the record, of course 27 people died as stated. What I have done, in a modest way, is to query the official version that this event was accomplished by one lone deranged man acting alone. Just for starters, there are reports of two other men being apprehended. There are other significant inconsistenecies, e.g. about the weapons used by the man/men. There are now many websites and blogs fully accepting that 27 people were killed, but asking penetrating questions about how this was accomplished

Even President Obama is questioned by this man, he states:

Obama’s fakery was obvious, the flick of his finger to first his left eye, and then his right eye, to wipe away a tear that wasn’t there.

What I saw, was a President, who is a father himself, finding it hard to come to terms with what happened.  A President who showed compassion, who was saddened at what was happening in a State within a Country that he is leader of.   A President who won my admiration by going against the norm and wanting tighter gun control.

But this man doesn’t stop at just the President the Medical Examiner of Sandy Hook, is suspicious in his opinion.. now someone politely pointed out that this man may be wearing an ear-piece and being told what he could and couldn’t answer.. but he never thought of that when he wrote this on that forum

In the YouTube clip of the Connecticut medical examiner, I noted more than a hint of flippancy.

I would recommend anyone visiting this thread to view the 4-min video of the medical examiner, which by the way has been slightly edited.

As you can see, it is clear from those 3 quotes alone, he is another one that is fuelling the flames of another giant conspiracy.   The people of Sandy Hook, the survivors of Sandy Hook, the Police of Sandy Hook and above all the grieving relatives of Sandy Hook, do not deserve this… They have lost loved ones and have had their community torn to bits… they don’t need outsiders watching their every movement and nit-picking their comments to fit into some giant conspiracy, that the whole thing was fake.

That my friends is the dark side of the internet… the conspiracy theorists who gaily go around, the internet spreading false assumptions, innuendos and myths of as facts.

And then people will wonder why Governments have brought in legislation to tighten up the internet.. legislation that will clamp down on what people can and can not post online.  For all you conspiracy theorists out there.. real people, with real emotions are involved in your theories… show some bloody respect.


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  1. joe p. grusnif says:

    The article starts ‘remember back to nov. 30 2012, um … sandy hook “shootings” occurred Dec 12.Can you say credibility? why all the photo shop?’you want to convey a handle on the truth,do you have a crystal ball? oops… maybe the brits got an early press release?right sloppy mate.


    1. Bren Ryan says:

      Firstly my sincere apologies… the article should have read December 2012… and nothing can take away my error …. in dating this article… However your sarcasm was uncalled for… a simple comment stating I made a mistake in the date would have sufficed… Maybe the mistake was ‘right sloppy’ but the dark side of the internet exists. And there are people out there who are trying to make a conspiracy out of an heinous crime where innocent victims were murdered. I have altered the articles date… and I have approved your comment – (I suppose I could have corrected the error deleted your sarcastic comment and moved on) but I didn’t. Again thanks for pointing out the error… but less of the sarcasm will get you a whole lot further in life.


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