You just got to love our mum…

TwibbonWhen me and little sis get in a pickle.. which is quite often… we turn to our mum and she helps us… you see we have a twitter account now… Yes StewNDumps are on Twitter..

And today when we were pawing our way through our tweets (mind you they don’t taste as nice as the real treats), we saw that you can have something done to this thing these humans call an avatar..

Now I watched that and to be perfectly honest, little sis and I were fast asleep within the first 10 minutes.. but that’s another story..

Anyway mum told us all about this Twibbon thing… it is a campaign to get tougher sentences for those people who hurt us animals.  Anyway our mum helped us with our Twibbon and she told us what Alfie’s Law was all about.  She even showed us the Paws for Thought website..

Paws for thought – Alfie’s Law would like to see a zero tolerance on animal abuse as there is absolutely no excuse for it.

Paws for thought – Alfie’s Law would also like to see sentencing increased to a maximum of 2 years custodial and a lifetime ban for persistent or serious offenders.

Paws for thought – Alfie’s Law would also like to see animal protection agencies (such as the RSPCA) become part of the Criminal Justice System under the stewardship of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Me and little sis hope you pooches and felines out there will join us by getting a Twibbon and Support Alfie’s Law..

Paws to you Alfie.. you iz top dog..

P.P.S.  Sorry mum for breaking free this morning at 4.50 am and jumping on you and Poppa in bed.. it wasn’t my idea… it was little sis’s idea.  Mind you we did chuckle at the surprise on your faces.


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  1. C. R. says:

    Awww this is cute. I love how you have done this!


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for your comment.. I enjoy blogging about these two little terrors. I don’t think is a day that goes by without them being into one thing or another.


      1. C. R. says:

        I have a mini doxie and she is a nut case; tons of personality, totally food motivated (meaning hide everything) and super loving. Her name is Anne Frank aka AnnieBananie aka the Wiggle


        1. Bren says:

          Oh yes these two are food motivated.. I have never had dogs that will eat Salt and Vinegar crisps.. but these two do.. as soon as you go into the food cupboard, they are there waiting for a bit.. I don’t think there is a thing they have turned their noses up at yet. Oh I love the name Wiggle…


          1. C. R. says:

            yes i love my Wiggle, but OMG she is a handful for sure. She “thinks” she is vicious (except with me and my kids) and I cannot keep her out of peoples pockets if she smells gum, candy…even chap-stick!!! hahahaha


        2. Bren says:

          I know, we have had dogs all the time we have been together, and I have had them since childhood so has my hubbie.. but honestly these two, I have never known two like them.. full of it…but so loving.


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