Thank you for including my blog.. A great piece of journalism that really does put things into perspective.. At times I think these conspiracy theorists don’t care what harm they do to those that have been affected but such a great tragedy. These people need compassion, empathy and help, they don’t need their lives to be torn apart even more.

Cheri Speak

Being an activist — who happens to be well versed in Government conspiracies, I am appalled by the irresponsible and illogical outcrop of conspiracy theories surrounding the cold blooded murders of 27 people. Yes 27, I count Nancy Lanza in this since nobody else seems to want to — she too was murdered in Newtown Connecticut by the same gunman after all.  Conspiracies are real however, not everything that happens in our country is a conspiracy. I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have a few with regard to some of the ridiculous pieces of this puzzle conspiracy theorists across the country are calling “smoking gun evidence” of a Government False Flag attack which they say was created to un-arm our nation.

There are countless “points” being made and circulated online; all are labeled as “evidence”. This includes photographs, video, social media posts, and more. These…

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  1. C. R. says:

    Thank you for re-blogging this! 🙂


    1. Bren says:

      You are welcome,

      It really does annoy me, these are real people, with real emotions and they definitely don’t need people spreading myths and classing them as factual. I just felt so sorry for the poor guy who had taken in those children, gave them comfort and is now accused of being a paedophile, and having to endure what he is having to, all because of conspiracy theorists.

      Tragedy affects all of us, in different ways, I did read an article a while back (wish I could remember where), in which it said even though we are not part of the event, it can still affect us personally.. and that we all react differently to grief… and the way we deal with it can lead to false assumptions about it…. it said something about some people, shut down their emotions, carry on as normal, remain focussed and have a calm, and collected exterior, whilst others around them are crumbling wrecks.. But eventually, the grief hits them and the impact is much harder for them to accept.

      Oh I do wish I had kept a copy of that article.


      1. C. R. says:

        Sounds like a good article I’d like to read. We do have to remember that conspiracies DO happen though and always be open eyed and open minded it’s just in the case of Sandy Hook, well the only conspiracy was that of Adam Lanza.


      2. Bren says:

        This is not the article unfortunately, and I can’t find a link to the original one I read, but this article does explain public grief..


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