I just don’t have the answer…

tescoYes the twitter jokes were rife yesterday.. after the disclosure that Tesco burgers had horse-meat in them.  Mind you I felt sick inside because the other week, I bought Tesco Quarter Pounders as they didn’t have Birds Eye ones on the shelf.. and yes we ate them.. and to be perfectly honest they didn’t taste that bad either.

Anyway according to the Telegraph yesterday, this has knocked off around £300 million of Tesco Shares.. The Telegraph says:

Tesco shares were among the heaviest fallers on the FTSE 100 after samples taken from beef burgers sold in the supermarket discovered traces of horse meat.

Shares in the company lost 1.1pc this morning, knocking about £300m off the market value of the group and underperforming London’s benchmark index which declined by 0.5pc.The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), which carried out the tests, said that the burgers containing horse DNA were produced in two plants in Ireland and one in the UK.

And I couldn’t help but laugh (apologies for my sick sense of humour) at Matt from the Telegraph and his sense of humour about what has happened with regards to this horse-meat business

Matt cartoons
Courtesy of Matt at the Daily Telegraph

But someone asked last night night, why I was appalled, as horse-meat is eaten in France and other nations.. and do you know what I didn’t have an answer other than to say, “Well they are horses, they are a large pet. And there is nothing as nice as seeing horses run around a field, galloping and frolicking in wide open spaces.”

The fact that we had been deceived didn’t bother me… and to know that I wouldn’t have been bothered if they had found lamb or pork in these burgers.. but horse-meat was the reason why I was finding the whole thing sickening.

Then to counter my argument about them running around in large fields, the person asked me, “Do you eat Lamb?”  And yes I do.. not as much as I want to cos, the other half doesn’t go much on lamb.  But I do eat it.. and then came the answer, “Why aren’t you upset about lambs being killed, they run around fields and frolic?”

And I have no problem whatsoever, eating a nice rump steak, or a topside joint roasted on a Sunday.  I have no problems eating burgers than contain beef.  Yet according to some cultures cows are sacred and their meat is taboo… but the thought of eating beef doesn’t make me feel sickened inside. Where as we want to protect horses from being eaten they want to protect the species that we freely eat… cows.  Yes it maybe due to religion but honestly when has religion stopped me from eating what I like?… Never.

All I know is that deep inside me that I just wouldn’t want to eat horse-meat. Is it because from childhood I have always thought of horses as pets rather than working animals or a food source?  Is it because I like horses and don’t agree with the Grand National and the thought of them being killed churns my stomach? Is it because we as a nation have never eaten horse-meat?

And do you know what?… I don’t have the friggin answer as to why I find it acceptable to have lamb or beef as a source food and not horse, other than to say it must be some sort of cultural thing that is instilled in some of us Brits from birth.. and something some of us Brits find totally unacceptable.


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  1. C. R. says:

    Uhgh! Maybe I shouldn’t have read this first thing upon waking. Poor horsies 😦


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