Ghost Towns…

closed downI had the shock of my life yesterday as I walked around the Pentagon Shopping Centre in Chatham.. especially the top floor… I just couldn’t believe how many shops were vacant.

Now I don’t go into town that much.. to be perfectly honest I only go to Chatham, if I absolutely need something that I can’t get in my local high street or retail park.

Casting my mind back to when the Pentagon opened its doors in the 1970’s, and how it was alive and buzzing with new shops opening, compared to the cold stark realisation of our current economic times, the changes today are really apparent.

HMV, with signs saying that the store will be closed on the 23rd January, 2013.  JJB no longer present. Peacocks now a thing of the past.  You can really see how this recession is hitting our local High Streets. Even the Pentagon Grill has gone..

Along with the unforgettable Woolworths on the High Street, located as you exited the Pentagon by Burtons/Dorothy Perkins.

Shops that were giant names, like Dixons, replaced by cheap pound shops..

But then it dawned on my, I am as much to blame for their doomed destiny as the recession itself… Why? Because I want cheap goods, I want the luxury of not having to try and park and go out on cold winter’s mornings to get things.  I want home delivery.

Unfortunately, this recession has made us all tighten our belts.. If we can get something a couple of quid cheaper from the likes of Amazon or other online stores… we will do.  We are having to rein in those purse strings, and not spend as much as we would like… so a few pounds saved here and there soon add up.

I don’t know where this recession is going to go, but I can tell you, I don’t feel confident about the future.  I don’t feel as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.. And I definitely don’t feel as if we are ‘all in this together’, as the Tory/Lib coalition keep telling us.

I don’t see prospects of our youth of today, feeling like we did back in those days gone by, where we could walk into jobs more freely.  I don’t see our youth of today, holding much hope out that they will land a decent job so that they can start earning a decent crust and having a comfortable lifestyle.

And I can foresee, more shops closing … and our High Streets turning into Ghost Towns..

This town, is coming like a ghost town
Why must the youth fight against themselves?
Government leaving the youth on the shelf
This place, is coming like a ghost town
No job to be found in this country
Can’t go on no more
The people getting angry

This town, is coming like a ghost town
This town, is coming like a ghost town
This town, is coming like a ghost town
This town, is coming like a ghost town


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