Do You Feed Your Golden Retriever Purina Beneful? DONT!

Me and little sis say, get your mums and dads to read this… us pooches don’t want to be harmed by dog food…

The Daily Golden

Not that I would ever feed this stuff to Tucker, (sorry) but if you are feeding your dog Purina Beniful, you may want to switch to something else, because according to reports from Consumer Affairs, in the last few months, dogs are getting sick from eating this dog food.

Here are some sad reviews from people who settled for the grocery store brand from 

Purina Beneful Pet Food Reviews

I have personally never been a fan of Purina products.  I have heard what they put in their foods, and they don’t deny it!

Complaints and Reviews about Purina Beneful – Consumer Affairs

According to an article in The Examiner, Purina and the FDA are turning a blind eye and not issuing a recall.

Purina’s Beneful dog food killing dogs nationwide; No recall issued by FDA

Be warned!   Please feed your golden a high quality kibble.  And PLEASE SHARE!

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  1. Mama Bear says:

    I’m actually surprised this stuff is still being sold.

    About two years ago we had a coupon for Beneful so I bought a small bag to try it out. Our dog, Gabriel, seemed a bit burnt out on his normal dog food so I thought changing him over to something else might be good for him.

    The way he attacked his first bowl of this stuff was crazy! He definitely like this stuff and while it was nice to see him eat so well, his over the top reaction each time he was fed just didn’t set right with me.
    That’s when I went looking around on the Internet.

    Holy cow! The amount of negative information surrounding this dog food was overwhelming! There are some people out there who’ve had good experiences but they’re definitely the minority.

    Steer clear of this stuff!


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