Escape Knee Pain Classes

Escape Knee PainWell it is Monday 28th January 2013 and today is the first day of the ‘Escape Knee Pain Class’.

The class starts at 9.30 am today, so I am up way before then, just to limber up before I have to go.

Gone are those days when I could jump out of bed, rush around and be out of the door in 30 mins.

Now it is taking things dead slowly and having to wait until the body finally decides it is going to limber up.

I arrive at the centre well in time and meet up with some of the other people in the class, there was 4 other women and 2 men… mind you the two men only did the first week, we never saw them again… and one lady had to work so she could no longer turn up.

The physios that ran the group, were helpful, encouraging and would answer any questions you had.. but then came the part called exercise time.. on my god, that started to hurt, in fact as the 5 weeks progressed it hurt more and more.

I was beginning to find that I was having great difficulty in moving for a couple of days after these exercises.

I could see the benefit of them and to be honest took the attitude, ‘No Pain No Gain’, which now I know was wrong.

We were given literature about the knee and why these things happen, along with tips about exercise, diet and coping with pain and flare-ups.

I was doing the exercises and yet I was in more pain.. by the end of the course to be honest I was dreading going… cos I knew the next day I would suffer, and there would be more pain in my muscles.

I was doing the home exercises that the physio at the hospital gave me and I had an appointment with them the day after, the first day of the ‘Escape Knee Pain’ course.

By the time I started the ‘Escape Knee Pain’ classes I had been on Arcoxia for 2 months and though they helped a little bit, they didn’t take the pain away.  In fact if anything, the pain was getting worse in my shoulders and upper arms and my hands were getting weaker and weaker.

At times I wouldn’t have known how I would have coped, if it wasn’t for my hubby… he has been my tower of strength and has helped me so much… all the hard jobs, like changing the bed and carrying the hoover upstairs and pushing it around he has done for me.

The whole business of feeling unwell all the time is starting to get me down.. there isn’t a day that goes by where I can say I feel 100% fit.

I just wish these aches and pains would go… and I didn’t feel so tired and feel as if everything was such an effort.  Never before in my entire life, have I known fatigue like this.. it is really debilitating.

Must stay positive.


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