Back to the Physio

physiotherapyYesterday was my first time at the ‘Escape Knee Pain Class’ and today, the 29th January 2013, I am back at the hospital to see the Physio.

Well after a brief examination she was pleased with my progress there was more strength in my quadriceps and she said that it will help relieve the pain in the knee… now that the muscles are doing their proper job.

Unfortunately after doing more exercise there, by the time I got home I was in complete agony.. I felt totally drained and just wanted to sleep. ¬†Surely this isn’t normal.. arthritis can’t cause all these problems, can it?

But I knew I had to keep a positive mind and thought, perhaps because I have not exercised properly for years due to my back problems, my body is really knowing it now and is retaliating…

Stay positive, things will improve and you will not ache so much in the future…


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