Back to the Escape Knee Pain Classes

rochester health centreWell, for 3 weeks every Monday I attended the ‘Escape Knee Pain’ at Rochester Health Centre.

I found the course helpful, and each week covered a different subject, ranging from exercise, drug therapy and how to eat healthy and how to cope with flare-ups.

However, the days that followed those Monday morning classes, were days where the pain in my legs intensified.  And my family noticed that it took me a couple of days to get over those classes.

I was supposed to be getting better, and I was supposed to be able to do more, but I wasn’t.  I was finding that I could do less and less in these classes… I was trying my hardest at home to do the exercises and to walk up and down stairs in the correct manner, but it was getting harder and harder.

After three weeks of the classes, came half-term.  During that time the class wasn’t held and to be perfectly honest, it was a relief not going.  It was sheer bliss to know that I wouldn’t be suffering for the next few days.

Well the last class was today, the 4th March 2013, but I couldn’t attend as I had to have British Gas in to mend our boiler and fit a new heat exchanger.. Again deep down I was thankful because I knew I wouldn’t be suffering the next few days.

However, things didn’t improve, due to the central heating being off.  The cold was playing havoc with my joints and I was glad when the boiler was fixed so that I could finally put the heating back on.  Apart from the fact I could finally go and have a lay down on the settee and have a good old nap.

I will be glad when I can get to the hospital on the 13th to see the consultant… something wasn’t right, I had been on the Arcoxia for two months, and although they had helped slightly they still didn’t have a great impact, as I wasn’t feeling much better.

Roll on the 13th March 2013…


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