Thank you @The Daily Golden, you have finally got her indoors, motivated… You know if me and big brov had waited for her to get her act together we could have been waiting for an eternity.  She says she has been busy… well thank god she wasn’t too busy to feed us 😀

Anyway, we hope our readers are happy, and not getting up to too much mischief.  Because you see we haven’t changed in the slightest.. we are still as naughty as ever.. and me and big brov .. like it.  It is great fun watching these humans tear their hair out.

I don’t know why they do it, they know it is going to hurt.. but there again they ain’t as intelligent as us canines.

So what have we done.. well we broke the curtain pole… yes we were having a ruff and tumble and a game of chase around the dining table and I took big brov out by his back legs and as we rolled across the floor we got tangled in the dining room curtains.. that was it.. crash bang wallop..  the curtains fell down and poor old Stewie got a bump on the head by the pole… I am not laughing really 😀 😀

As for me I was off like a shot.. I wasn’t going to take the blame for this one…

Mind you our dad saved the day.. he went to that big place called B & Q and got some more brackets and put those curtains back up for us…..

Stewie sends his love to everyone… lazy devil is sound asleep in the kitchen.. he leaves everything to me.. I was the one that had to nip her ankles until she blogged.

So I nipped her ankles and put on my cutie face.. and hey presto we have a blog post.

Until later hope you all have a pawfect day.. I am off for a quick nap and to dream about what I can do next.. 😉


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  1. Ah glad to here all is well in the land of Stew and Dumps!!


    1. Stew 'n' Dumps says:

      All is well in the world of Stew n Dumps.. hope you are keeping well xx


  2. So happy that The Daily Golden (with follow-up help from you, Dumpling), managed to get your mom in gear. We have missed hearing about your escapades.


    1. Stew 'n' Dumps says:

      You know us doggies have to stick together, I am so glad The Daily Golden made our mum feel guilty..


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