Moan, moan, moan.

IMG_3442-2Nag, nag, nag…. that is all these flaming women do, all day long they are moaning about something.  There I was sitting in the chair guarding the house, by looking out of the window.

You know I have to watch these people who walk around outside.. that is my job as I am supposed to be number one alpha male… well that is what the book says..

When all of a sudden little sis goes into a right old mood.

I quickly remembered my poppas words as he gave me a great big hug one day and whispered in my ear, “Son if you want the easy life, just learn these two words, ‘Yes Dear’.”

Well taking on board what poppa said I was replying with my ‘Yes dears” when in she comes, ranting and raving and shouting at me, “Don’t you ‘yes dear’ me. it’s about time you pulled your weight around here”  *Note to self – must tell poppa tonight that his words don’t work all the time*  

You fellas know what I mean, the good old, “You don’t help me at all,” line and “I have to do everything around here.” So after a bit of a bickering we got down to the crux of what was ruffling her fur…

Yes you got it, she was complaining about having to blog today and keep the readers informed of our antics, and there I was sitting in the chair and shutting my eyes up now and again.  All this moaning, just because she wanted to carry on chewing  the plastic duck, that I nicked, from our poppa’s pond.


You know it wasn’t too bad in this house you see, what with me, our poppa and big brov.. we out ruled these women, three to two..

Now, what does our big brov decide to go and do… yep fall in love and move out and let the side down… so now me and poppa are up against our mum and little sis.

IMG_3447-2Anyway back to what I was saying, there she was, little sis, giving it some right welly that she was left to do it all and she had so much to do and she had to write our blog post… so I said to her, “Calm down dear. Leave the blogging to me today.”

So here I am checking out our youtube channel, well our mumma’s Youtube channel to be precise and getting ready to write this blog post.

Hope little sis, is pleased with what I have written… if not I can see I am going to be in the dog house yet again with her. Thinking about it, how can she moan about this post, I am talking about her favourite subject… her.

Back to guard duty for me…. catch you later – hope you all have a pawfect day 😉


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  1. The anticipation of a female’s needs and wants is a difficult skill to acquire, and near impossible to master. :). Hang in there!


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