Dog Whisperer Says Stolen Golden Retrievers Still Alive

Hope these cuties are found soon xx

The Daily Golden

Just a few hours North of Toronto, Brian Jones is waiting patiently to hear news of his two golden retrievers, who were last seen on March 2nd while playing in the front yard in Coldwater, Ontario.

Rosa, 18 months,  and Diego, 9 months were both purchased in Mexico where the Jones’ reside in the winter months.  Jones advised the dogs did not have collars on at the time as they get caught in the wire fence.  The dogs were spayed/neutered and Diego is micro chipped.

The incident was reported to the Ontario Provincial Police, who says these types of thefts are not common in the area, but believe the dogs have been stolen.

Jones has spend approximately $3000 in his search for the dogs, even hiring a “dog whisperer” and a mentallist from the US, as well as putting up posters.  A $1000 reward is being offered for the…

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