Put it on the back burner.. no way

back burnerWell one of the hobbies I do share with my husband is photography… should anyone be interested they can view our photographs over on our photography blog, aptly named Ryan Photography.

Unfortunately we lost our old dog due to old age and have subsequently got two Golden Retriever puppies, who are a handful.

Leaving our old dog, wasn’t a problem and we knew with puppies that we would have to give up our photography trips out and about for a while.

However, looking back on it, I could never walk that far without taking a break and to be honest, I just didn’t have the stamina to walk far.  I put this down to my back trouble and sciatica, little did I realise that this could have been due to PMR.

To ease and help me walking my hubby bought me a mono-pod that doubled as a walking stick, which I found handy to use at first, but even that started to make my hands ache with holding it.

Anyway since we got the pups, we knew we couldn’t go far, plus the fact we had a very wet winter and it wasn’t nice walking about in inches of mud, meant our hobby ultimately took the back burner.  But this is one thing I totally miss, I miss getting out and about.. to feel so tired and shattered and lethargic is having its toll on me.  But I now know what is wrong and I am going to fight this tooth and nail..

If PMR wants a fight, I will give it one… it is not going to beat me and I will survive.. and when the weather breaks that is it, I am going to go out, maybe I won’t be able to walk far, but I am not going to sit in and give in to PMR.

Hopefully by then the Prednisolone will have kicked in along with the anti-inflammatories and painkillers, and I can get my life back on track.

Giving up is not an option….


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