Today’s the day…

PrednisoloneThursday 14th March 2013

Well today is the day.. I start taking the steroid tablets.  To be honest I am still trying to come to terms with this diagnosis..

Ever since I became an adult.. breakfast for me was mid morning.. I can’t eat first thing in the morning.. I normally have to be up a few hours before I can face food.  Cups of coffee in the morning, no problem… but food… yuck.

By all accounts this drug has to be taken with or after food, so I will have to get myself liking breakfast.  Well the dose for today and for the next month is 20 mg daily..

Apart from learning to have to get used to having breakfast.. now it seems that semi-skimmed milk is better for you than skimmed milk, which I have been having in coffee for years.

Because this drug can cause Osteoporosis, it is advisable to have at least 1000 mg of calcium.. well that equates to approximately a pint and a half of milk.

Well a bowl of Frosties and skimmed milk were forced down.. And I mean that literally, I could hear my body screaming at me, “We normally have Frosties at night for a snack, never in the morning, what they heck are you doing woman?”

Anyway after a couple of hours, I thought to myself, “Is this psychological or not”, because  at this given moment in time, I didn’t feel so achy. Well as they say ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’, I didn’t have to put much effort into getting cracking.. I managed to dust, hoover the lounge downstairs and clean two bathrooms.  Yes I had to stop in between jobs but for a couple of hours I felt better.

There I was singing the praises of this wonder drug, when my dreams were shattered and the nightmare started again.. I started to feel achy in the arms and after a nap on the sofa, I woke up again all stiff, just like I do every morning.

The thought of, “Oh well not such a wonder drug after all is it!” was ringing through my head.  Anyway as the day went on my hands started to ache again and by the evening those few good hours seemed so long ago, and I just couldn’t wait for bed-time as I felt totally shattered…

Well let us hope tomorrow is a little better…


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