Day 2…

Day 2Friday 15th March, 2013

Today is day 2 of the steroid treatment.. yesterday went well, luckily no side effects… but I suppose that it is early days yet.

However, today the thought of eating breakfast is making me feel a bit nauseas today.  Anyway the dogs got me up early so I had time to wait before I had to eat breakfast.

Well I finally had breakfast at 9 am, wasn’t too bad, thank god I like Frosties, at least with the milk it will add to the needed calcium intake.  I never have been one for drinking milk… anyway tablets finally taken.

As the day progressed, the tablets didn’t seem to kick in as good as they did yesterday.  I am still achy and to be perfectly honest, I feel today like a wrung-out old dish-rag.  I suppose I will have to accept that it will take time.

The only thing today, is that I had a rotten taste in my mouth.. hard to describe but it was like the sort of taste you have when you have an upset stomach… only I didn’t have the upset stomach to go with it, which is a godsend.

Throughout the day, I felt so lethargic.. didn’t seem to get that spurt of energy like I had yesterday, but as I said it is early days and it’s now evident that I did overdo it a bit yesterday. – *Note to self – learn to manage what you do and learn not to over do things when you feel OK*

My hands hurt like crazy, but I can’t not move them.  So typing is a good for of exercise for the fingers, so I decided to type a bit more… my god did I notice it by the time I went to bed.

I joined a support group, today.  And it seemed to help.  It was nice to speak to fellow suffers and to know you are not on your own and there are people out there who understand what you are feeling.

I never new an illness could be so debilitating … believe me it is.  Anyway one thing I have learnt is you have to have a positive mind… if you don’t depression will set in.. and according to the leaflet that came with Prednisolone, depression can occur and intensify and you can suffer mood swings.

Stay positive… take one day at a time as one kind lady told me in this group.. and I will start to feel better.

My friend told me to start a blog or diary.  That way if I write down how I feel for that particular day, then in the future I can read back and see I have made progress and I am getting better.

As she said it is not like flu or tonsillitis, where you know that in a couple of days once the antibiotics and flu remedies kick in you will feel better. There is no time you have to wait to feel good, some days will be good and some days not… there is no light at the end of the tunnel where you so psychologically think I will be better by Friday..

So that is what I decided to do yesterday… I created this blog… I thought about a diary, but then thought, to myself, that there could be other people who suffer from this disease and maybe by just reading this blog, it might help them… to come to terms with PMR and know that they are not the only one suffering.


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