Day 3

Day-3Saturday 16th March 2013

Today seemed to be just slightly better than yesterday.. not a lot but an improvement.

We went shopping, hubby drove as I am now finding it hard to drive, which I hate… as I do love my car.. but never mind, things could be worse.

Anyway off we went, firstly to Currys, as he wanted to purchase a Blue Ray player and then to Pets at Home to replenish the dogs grub… After that we went to Asda to do a bit of shopping.. By the time I hit Asda, I felt so tired and was beginning to get an awful taste in my mouth…

Whether it is a side effect of Prednisolone, I don’t know but it did make me feel a little nauseas for a minute… Half way around Asda that was it, I just felt as if I couldn’t go no more, so hubby got the few remaining bits whilst I queued up.. really wishing there was a bed there so that I could go back to sleep.

I hate this PMR… it really knocks you for six.

Well through the checkout eventually and home.. thank God. I was glad to get in, but must admit even though I felt totally exhausted, the aches and pains were not as severe..  Pain killers down neck and before I knew it I was knocking out the zzz’s.

The only thing was when I woke up.. could I move? No…. I must have slept so deeply and hardly moved and was as stiff as a board.. thank goodness for hubby and his assistance in getting up.. eventually the stiffness went off and to be honest I didn’t feel too bad, perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.. who knows, hope tomorrow is as good as today..

The more you read about this illness the more you understand and there are support groups out there, that puts you in contact with other sufferers.. And most of these people have never heard of PMR until they were diagnosed with it.

Looking back at ‘The Escape Knee Pain’ classes, and upon reading the ARC leaflet I can now understand why I was feeling the effects of those classes for a couple of days after, especially in the thighs (as this is one of the muscles that PMR attacks).  The leaflet stated:

You’ll need to find the right balance between rest and activity.  Too much exercise is likely to make your symptoms worse, but activity usually helps to ease morning stiffness.

So now it is just a case of finding the right balance and not over-doing things.  Well as they say you live and learn.. I wish I had known or been diagnosed with this before I went to those classes.

Even though today wasn’t that perfect and I still felt like a hung out old dishrag at times… things were slightly improving.. I just hope it continues.  Mind you by the time late evening arrived I started to ache all over again… so more painkillers (which manage to take the edge off of the pain, but not stop the aches completely) down neck…. and off to bed, hoping I manage to sleep as I had been sleeping during the day.


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