Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

Well there a quite a few books that I could read time and time again, but one that I could read and still laugh at is the new bestseller by FleetStreetFox, which was written by journalist Susie Boniface.  So, Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox would have to be my recommendation for todays Daily Prompt: Second Time Around.

It is witty, it is funny and it really does tell you about the emotional rollercoaster you are on when you think you were happily married to find that you are not.

She gives you an insight into life as a journalist and how at times it can be such a cut-throat business.. and through her wit, you can easily relate to what she is saying should you ever find yourself going through a Divorce and arrested by the Police because you want to sort out the mistress.

One thing I am intrigued about is, whether ‘Twatface’ , as the ex is known by, used the toothbrush or not? 😀  Mind you if he did, I suspect he is now retching like a good-un, at the thought of using it for all those months and years without knowing where it had been. 😀

So yes, I would highly recommend this book..


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