That dress…

Yep, Gwyneth Paltrow has hit the headlines again.. with her choice of attire for the Iron Man 3 premiere.  Nobody can deny the woman has a great body, and there a lot of us that wish we could look as good as her, but come on.. that dress is abysmal.

Earlier in the day she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the world 2013, by the People..

And by the evening she was out at a movie premiere in the worst dress possible. Viewing the dress from the side, well what can I say.. the seam that runs down the side of the leg, makes the dress look absolutely awful…  Now if that side panel had been in the contrasting emerald green satin, or a continuation of the back panel of the dress, then I think it would have looked more elegant…

Seriously though, did she wear it for attention or because she was paid to?… I am going for the first option.  After all it has got her in the headlines and on the front cover of at least 4 tabloids.

As my mum would say ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’.  You might have been voted the woman with the most

Mind you I did have to laugh at the lengths that the Daily Mail said you would have to go to, in order to wear that dress.

This isn’t a look for me, or for any woman who has ever eaten a carb, or simply visited the gym to buy a sandwich rather than a whole new body. To even attempt to show a side bum, you would need to live like the famously wholesome Gwynnie.

You would need to do months of yoga, Pilates, squats, lunges and running.

You would have to go knickerless, not just for the night, but for the whole day to make sure you had no nasty elastic marks.

Your wax would need to be flawless and you would also need to have had a serious thigh scrub, polish and moisturise the night before. I feel tired just thinking about it — the side bum is not for the faint hearted, or, indeed, anyone with a full-time job.

Oh the thought of all that waxing and scrubbing is bringing tears to my eyes 😀  Sorry Ms Paltrow, that dress is definitely not sexy in my eyes and could never be classed as a dress to impress…

Ms Paltrow said about her being awarded the Most Beautiful Woman 2013, that she thought it was a joke.  Actually I think the joke, to be honest, was wearing that dress to a premiere.


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