The Diaries of Fleet Street Fox

NDiaries of Fleet Street Foxow every little girl has a dream.. don’t they? And one dream all little girls have is of getting married.. through rose tinted glasses they see, the white floating dress and them looking like a Princess as they walk down the aisle to meet their Prince.

Every little girl dreams her Prince Charming will ride in a horse so white and proud and whisk her off of her feet.  There are hearts, there are roses and there is love… perfection.

Every little girl who grows into a woman, if she has been graced with a wonderful father, wants to marry a man who not just lives up to her father’s role in her life, but exceeds her expectations.  Every man is measured against her father and eventually love blossoms and the big white wedding in on the cards.

This is it.. this is for life, after all your parents have lived together through thick and think and marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly should it?  Marriage is a commitment that you both work at and an institution that you both remain loyal and truthful to .  Nothing is going to spoil her life.. she has it mapped out.. man, marriage, home and children… and roses around the garden arch.. with the white picket fence and the pastel curtains… that add charm to her home.

Never in a million years when she uttered those words, ‘I Do,’ did she think of divorce.. Not once as she stood at that aisle or at the registrar’s desk did she think about, assets, who gets what and worst of all that the man she has feels she is destined to live her life with is going to play away from home.

The Diaries of Fleet Street Fox are about how a journalist, who knows that the news must never be about them, finds herself slap bang in the middle of a love triangle.  There, before her eyes, is the evidence that her husband, has been unfaithful.. her disbelieve leads her to confront her husband and the other woman.. but her anger results in her being arrested..

As you travel through the story of her marriage falling apart and how her life had been totally turned upside down.. you get to know Fleet Street Fox.. you get to see her character.. through the tears and the pain and the sorrow and the joy.  The endless amount of support from her parents, is at times no comfort, nothing they say or do can take away the hurt and pain she feels, it is then and only that she learns this is going to be one battle that she has to face and fight on her own terms. The support from friends and family help.. but this is her battle, and she needs to come to terms with what has happened, no matter how painful it is.

It is only herself that can make a future for herself… it is only she who can find the path that will eventually leave her to live in the home she so wanted…

As she comes accustomed to her new single life.. you feel her anxiety and her pain..

Fleet Street Fox, who we now as journalist Susie Boniface.. is frank candid and brings her wit to the book.. Her betrayal by the man she loved and her desire to seek revenge on him at times, is amusing and had me in stitches.. She aptly names him ‘Twatface’, which even though I am glad she didn’t name, a part of me wishes she had so every woman can steer well clear, of this manipulative, self-obsessed man, who we would love to kick in the ****.

Every person who has gone through a broken relationship, especially a divorce, can empathise with her feelings of betrayal.. Her frank honesty in the book makes compelling reading.. and if you have ever read Fleet Street Fox’s blog you will see her wit, which can often be sarcastic, within her posts… Like her blog posts, the book gives you a great insight in the world of journalism, and the cold stark reality of divorce… the learning to cope with one wage again, learning to single again.. and learning about dating.. and learning to sleep with another man..   Even the dark side of loneliness and despair and a passion to drink far too much, is dealt with throughout the book..  Friendships that are tested and some broken due to what were supposed to be so-called friends, taking  the side of the person who has wronged her… her ex-husband/partner.

It is funny, it is a compelling read.. and even though the subject is one that no woman wants to even think about, unless you are some f**ked up celebrity who gets married for a laugh, through her words you learn that there is life after divorce, and there is light at the end of the darkest of tunnels. You learn the emotional rollercoaster that divorce brings

Her final chapter, down by the river at Greenwich, is the start of a whole new set of chapters in her life that have yet to be written.. it is the start of her new future.  And hopefully for us readers.. a new book to read.


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