The problems with lynch mobs…

Jon+VenablesToday in the news is the story about how two people who allegedly disclosed the true identities of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, by posting their supposed pictures online, have escaped jail.

Dean Liddle and Neil Harkins, were each given 9 months sentence suspended for 15 months.

Sir John Thomas, according to the Daily Mirror said:

“They became part of an determined Internet campaign on the 20th anniversary of James Bulger’s death.

“They joined in that campaign and we cannot accept it is in any way exculpatory that others were doing it.

“Vigilantism has no place in a civilised country and it is for the purpose of deterring such conduct that we must have particular regard.”

Nobody can deny how sickened they feel inside, when they read about the atrocities these two monsters (Venables/Thompson) carried out by torturing and killing a little, 3 year old child, James Bulger… and still today the shock of what these two did, is still incomprehensible…  it is one of the things that you question deeply, and their possible reasoning for committing these terrible deeds, that you can’t quite get to grips with.  How could two 10 year old boys even think like this (wanting to harm a child – after all they were children themselves), yet alone carry out such heinous crimes against a little 3 year old toddler.  What drives a child to turn into a killer?… Was it  because of their home life or were they just born rotten?

But unfortunately due to prospect of vigilante action being carried out against them by members of the public upon their release from custody, both Venables and Thompson were given new identities.. Personally I don’t approve of this.. but I can understand the reasons why. You just can’t have people taking the law into their own hands.. no matter how much you think it could be justifiable. In my opinion these two should never have been released into society, they should be behind bars for life.  Whether Robert Thompson has turned his life around, I don’t know, but as for Jon Venables well we know he hasn’t.. he is still rotten to the core.

You see I would like to know if they lived in my street, I could then protect my offspring, by making sure they had nothing to do with them, whatsoever.

But vigilante action by others means that they have the right to be protected, and as a consequence of that they now can live next door to, date your daughter and even come to Sunday lunch without you knowing who they really are.

Back in March this year, the Daily Mirror also reports on a story about a woman who thinks the father of her child could be Jon Venables.

He was known by another name at the time and she had no idea of his past when she fell pregnant.

The relationship ended before she gave birth after she discovered he was a Schedule One offender – a person who has been convicted of the worst crimes against children.

But she was not aware of his true identity or the exact nature of his offences.

The relationship between this person and man started on an online dating site and ended when she was informed that the person who was the father of her unborn child is a Schedule One Offender… a person who has committed the worst crimes imaginable against children.

The mother was advised by Social Services not to put the name of the father on the birth certificate and tells the Daily Mirror that she is appalled at the circumstances in which she found herself.

This woman, probably wouldn’t have had anything to do with Venables if she had known his true identity.  There probably would have been no child between them… and that I am afraid is the consequences of vigilante action.. People don’t know if the person they have just met is going to be the one and only love of their life and whether there is a future for them.  People don’t know if this future includes a relationship which involves having children.  And the worst part is  all their plans and hopes for a the future they had planned turns into a nightmare because they find that the person who they planned to share it all with turns out to be one of the most notorious child killers ever.  That is the problem with giving notorious child killers new identities.

And do you know what the worst part is… how many children who have no contact with their father and whose name isn’t on the birth certificate that were born around the same time as this child.. will be wondering if they’re the offspring of Jon Venables? And the worst part is this.. how many children could end up being accused by other children of having Venables for a father?

As much as this story highlights the problems with new identities given to criminals… as the paper claims the details are from a source.. it does make you wonder whether this lady spoke to someone else about her fears and they went to the papers or whether the source put this woman into a position where she had to speak.  There again it could be legitimate information obtained from legitimate sources.  That is the trouble with sources.. I know all newspapers have them, but for the reader it does make you question the legitimacy of sources now, especially after the revelations disclosed about sources by journalists during the Leveson Inquiry.


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