Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

debian-night-owl-500My time to shine?  Am I an early bird or night Owl?  Yes the Daily Prompt for today is Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine.

Now what am I?  Well I definitely have to be a night owl.. One thing I can’t abide in the mornings is having a full conversation.  I like to accustom myself to be awake and get used to rousing from a coma.. Small talk is definitely not me, and as for having someone rattling on about how nice the day is.. is something that I loathe.

Once I have had the antidote to the self-induced coma I had the night before, which consists of a couple of cups of coffee, then and only then do I start to become human once again.. If you want a conversation before those cups of coffee,  then you won’t get any sense out of me and you could find yourself at the sharp end of my tongue…  Once the first coffee goes down, I start to become more human… and as the second cup hits the pits of my stomach I am beginning to be approachable.

I can remember being younger and living with my parents and my mum would say something like, “Aren’t the trees looking nice today.” or “It is a beautiful day isn’t it?” just as I arose.   At this time in the morning I don’t care how pretty the trees look, or whether it is a beautiful day or not… I just want to acclimatise myself to being awake and have a cuppa in peace… I don’t want small talk and I definitely don’t want to know about trees and how pretty they look..

So I am definitely a night owl and a bear with a sore head in the morning…. and those genes have also materialised in my son.. he is just like me… don’t talk until I am awake… After all these years of marriage hubby has finally learnt not to say a word, except, “Morning”…


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