Gwyneth dear..

When in a hole, stop digging… because you are digging yourself deeper, the more you say about this dress.  You might convince others that you didn’t realise the dress was see through and you couldn’t wear your undies, but as for me.. no way. Yes well we know the dress was a disaster but please Gwyneth don’t try to bluff your way out of it.  You see according to the Daily Star Gwyneth told the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres show the following:

“Yeah, oh, I kind of had a disaster. I don’t think I can tell this story on TV. Well, let’s just say everyone went scrambling for a razor.

“So I went from being the most beautiful to the most humiliated in one day.”

Side View
Side View

Now if you look at that dress, it is figure hugging… you can’t buy a dress off of the peg and it fights like a glove like that dress did.  Are you trying to tell us you never had a fitting for that dress?  Are you trying to tell us that you never wore the dress before you put it on that night?  Are you trying to tell us that if you did try the dress on that there wasn’t a mirror where you could see yourself in the dress?

Sorry Gwyneth you are not convincing me.. as for everyone having to race to find a razor, well surely if you tried the dress on you would have seen how sheer and see through those side panels were.

Unfortunately, I think you don’t like what people have said about that dress, so you are now trying to justify wearing it and blaming everyone other than yourself for making a bad decision.

Are you trying to convince me, along with others, that there was nothing in your wardrobe that you could have worn as an alternative, once you realised how it looked on you?  As Craig Revel Horwood would say, “It was a Disaster Darling“.


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