Daily Prompt: Cringe-Worthy

cringeToday’s Daily Prompt is about whether we feel uncomfortable when someone is embarrassed and what is most likely to make us squirm.

I know I shouldn’t but to be honest when someone embarrasses themselves I just can’t help but see the funny side of it.  Because in all probability there is some course of events leading up to the embarrassment that are highly amusing.

Whether it is because I have a wicked sense of humour, I don’t know.. but I just can’t help, after I have picked myself up off of the floor from laughing,  but turn to them and say, “You made a right twat of yourself there, didn’t you?”

As for the most cringeworthy moments, well it has to be when I am with an elderly relative who happens to be hard of hearing and partially sighted.  Unfortunately due to them still having an antiquated hearing aid, which they refuse to go digital with,  they tend to speak so that they can hear their own voice, which is more often than not in a very loud tone, which the whole world can hear.  Which as you can image is quite embarrassing especially if you are sitting in a waiting room of people and they are moaning about one of the other people waiting there.. or how badly a child is misbehaving and how the mother has no control over the kid.

No matter how many times I have politely told them or gave them the stare of, ‘Oh please, shut up or speak lower because everyone can hear you,” nothing lowers the tone.  Even ignoring them doesn’t work because they think I can’t hear what they are saying so the decibels then increase and register off of the scale, which ultimately means that everyone outside of the waiting area can now hear.  I suspect the reason is because they can’t hear their own voice until they shout, they don’t know what a whisper is now.  I know it is not their fault and I do feel guilty for feeling like it.

But honestly at times when in situations like that I just hope and pray for a large hole in the ground to swallow me up.  And you know if you try your hardest to get them to tone down what they are saying to a whisper that you are next in the firing line for an earhole bashing.


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