God give me patience with Politicians

Iain Duncan SmithEspecially, Iain (I can live on £53 a week provided my freezer is full and my wine cellar stock is replenished) Duncan-Smith.

We can all remember Iain’s bolshy appearance on the BBC’s  Today programme when  David Bennett, a market trader, said that he now has £53 pound a week to live on now that the Government has capped housing benefit, asked he asked Iain if he could live on that… to which Iain Duncan Smith replied, “If I had to, I would.” Which sparked a petition asking for Iain Duncan Smith to do exactly that.. for a year… live on £53 a week.

A petition that got old Iain’s boxers in a right twist and claiming that the whole thing was a complete stunt and how he knew what it was like to live on the breadline.. yes Iain tells the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian:

 “This is a complete stunt which distracts attention from the welfare reforms which are much more important and which I have been working hard to get done. I have been unemployed twice in my life so I have already done this. I know what it is like to live on the breadline.”

Well now he is on another marathon to claw back the benefits.. Yes according to the Telegraph he wants pensioners who are well off, I assume he means those that have over £54 a week to live, on to return their winter fuel payments, pay their own TV Licence if they are aged over 75 and pay their own bus fares..

He admitted there are no plans to change the system, after all David ‘Dishface’ Cameron can’t change the system because he promised back in 2010 that he would protect the universal payment to all.

But what Iain (I can live on £53 a week) says is this:

“It is up to them, if they don’t want it, to hand it back.

“I would encourage everybody who reads the Telegraph and doesn’t need it, to hand it back.”

Now how the hell is this man allowed to keep his job.. his comments undermine the policies and promises made by the Prime Minister.

Come on get real, Iain (I can live on £53 a week) Duncan Smith… if the system is wrong change it.. but before you do that.. how about telling all those bankers who have reaped in nice bonus payments to hand them back because they have through their own greed got this country into the shite it is in today.

So if every well off pensioner thought about it and decided to hand it back.. where would it be spent?  Would it be spent on housing, the national health service and eduction; or would it be given away as foreign aid to countries who can afford to have a space programme.  Or would it be sent to rebels in order to arm them in their fight against Assad.

Common sense tells us that Al-Qaeda have infiltrated the rebels and are working with them to dispose of the Assad Regime and common sense should tell this bloody Government that if you send arms to the rebels that they are more than likely going into fall in the hands of Al-Qaeda, who are now fighting to gain control of Syria’s chemical plant.

So everyone… that is what this Government is doing for you… absolutely nothing other than to get those people who are in work hating those who are not and making pensioners who are entitled to benefits feel guilty for claiming them.

If Iain (I can live on £53 a week) Duncan Smith wants changes… then I can assure you if this Government cuts benefits much more, whilst the bankers are still allowed to have their huge bonuses and politicians are having the perks of nice little expense earners, there will eventually be a revolt on this government’s hands.  Because one thing us Brits can do.. is complain well.. remember the winter of discontent.. well I see a discontent on the horizon… people are fed up and they will revolt.

Just one more thing, during the next Cabinet meeting is Iain (I can live on £53 a week) Duncan Smith going to ask his boss if he will be paying back all the disability living allowance he claimed when his son was alive.


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  1. Anon who hates such political gestures says:

    Ian (I can live on £53 a week) Duncan Smith is making a farcically immature political gesture with this rubbish.

    The reality is that very few will volunteer to give up what they believe they are entitled to after working all their lives.

    And the question arises, who would they return the money to. and how would they actually do it?

    It would need a new bunch of civil servants to process it all. It would need new computer software to sort it all out (and the government already has an appalling track record on getting computers to send money one way, never mind the more confusing issue of some of it going out and some coming back).

    Either have the political conviction to say openly you don’t believe these people are entitled to the money and take it off them by not issuing it in the first place or leave the status quo but don’t pretend this kind of idiotic nonsense is the way forward. Though I suppose as it is a stupid idea, will cost more than it will raise, will get the hackles of Tory supporters up and will achieve nothing useful we have to admit it is a typical policy from the bunch of goons who are currently pocketing massive salaries in Cabinet for doing nothing of value in society.


    1. Bren says:

      Well said Anon… and now we are being told that energy giants want sensors fitted into appliances, that we will have to pay for, so that they able to switch our freezers, washing machines, microwaves and cookers off.

      Mind you I suppose it adds another excuse for being late.. “The energy company switched my alarm clock off.”


  2. Anon who hates such political gestures says:

    And they switched my power shower off and as I refuse to go out in the morning without washing my hair I was late too!


    1. Bren says:

      Or due to the fact that we are now charged exuberant prices for water and being on a meter, I was doing my weekly undies wash (as I can’t afford to do anything other than a full load) and they turned the machine off.. Then eventually after several hours of being on and off with the washing machine, I finally got my skiddies in the tumble dryer when the swines at the national grid switched that off… so I should be back at work by the middle of the week at this rate.


  3. Anon who hates such political gestures says:

    I bet Ian (I can live on £53 a week) Dopey Sod can get his driver to sub him a few quid to get the plumber in (you know, that Polish chap who does such a good job and doesn’t mess about with invoices) so that he can get his washing machine open and the necessaries taken down to the local laundrette for a quick blast in the driers.

    I’ve been going commando now for three days because I am waiting for some power to let me open the machine door.


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